December 2, 2010


And the pictures continue...

 I tryed to take L out of her high chair and somehow I dropped the tray to the floor. Toby was right there waiting.

 Happy Thanksgiving, Toby, Why not let you lick the high chair? And don't worry, we disinfected it very good before we used it again.

 The food may be gone but she's still got the spoon!

 L needed a bath. She had food everywhere.

 Her new thing is to stand up in the bathtub. Why? I've no idea...

 Sweet, sweet Cali.

So sweet that I had to lay in the floor with her.

You can't tell, but the other half of that turkey is gone. I remembered wayyy after dinner and L's bath to take pictures of the food.

 Me and my mom wanted pecans. My brother and sister wanted sprinkles. So, we went half and half. Although, someone went a little nuts with the sprinkles and got them on my side. Just sayin'....

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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