December 1, 2010


I am finally sitting down to write about our Thanksgiving. I was going through the pictures and I realized they are mostly Lia. Lia playing with a spoon. Once we started cooking, I was so busy trying to help with everything and believe me, our family needed help, that I didn't even think about taking pictures of the food or the process. By the time it was actually done, we all started digging in and I forgot pictures of Lia eating. And, when you try to take a picture of someone in my family, you typically get a face or strange pose. I got a few of those, but I'll be nice and leave them unposted!

Our Thanksgiving was pretty normal and traditional. We started watching the parade then Lia had no interest and M took a nap, so it was just background noise. We all gathered in the kitchen trying to cook a bazillion things and we only had one small oven. There were last minute trips to the store, an attempt to get eggs from the chickens our neighbor no longer has and a "borrowed" gourd.

But we managed to make an awesome turkey, some very questionable sausage and cornbread stuffing, candied yams topped with marshmallows, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes (for Lia), pan gravy, lima beans, mom's famous homemade macaroni & cheese, rolls, deviled eggs, the classic can of cranberry sauce that no one eats, sweet potato pie, apple pie, and a cake decorated two ways. And it was only a little cold by the time it made it to the dinner table...

Even with my crazy family and semi-cold food, every Thanksgiving is always perfect because I get to spend it with family.

Then, we (including an old, good friend of mine who was nice enough to come along with us crazies) hit up Walmart at midnight to fight over some $1.33 towels. In case you were wondering, I got mine. And, then some! After that, we shopped a little more and people-watched then we headed home to get about an hour of sleep before we got up for more Black Friday shopping! M and I headed to the Marine Corp exchange and we got some great deals. I can't spill them yet, they are technically our christmas gifts. Let's just say, we did AWESOME!

After all that shopping and grabbing some breakfast, we finally went back home to sleep. Whew, we were tired.

Here's some of the pictures I managed to get...
Sharing her food with mama.

 She was showing off a new trick!

 Pure joy over a turkey bone...

 Shoveling all that yummy food in her mouth. She ate (and loved!) everything we gave her!

 Chloe was looking for food.

 That was so good!

 RAWR. Give me more!

 It's funny how my babe goes from this...

to this...
In the matter of a few seconds.

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