December 7, 2010

Thankful Tuesday.

Everyone gives thanks during November and the Thanksgiving season. But, I want to make it a point to always show what I am grateful for.

I am starting up a new weekly post. Thankful Tuesday. It can be one thing, it can be ten things. Just a post on what you are thankful for that week.

This isn't a original idea. It's inspired by several different blogs I've read. However, I don't know of one still doing it as a weekly post.

I'll add a linky, I'd love for you to join along!

I am thankful for:
My hubby. Who got up early yesterday morning to mop the floors for me.
A heater. It's getting cold outside!
Remote start in my car too!
Friends who drop by with a jar of cookie mix.
Finding new blogs to read.
My new handheld vacuum. It makes cleaning up L's highchair SO much easier.
Our beautiful Christmas tree and all the presents underneath. We have some great families who really spoil us.

Feel free to grab the button below to add to your post.

I know it's almost 4:30 pm on the east coast. Next week, it will start earlier. I promise!


  1. I would love it if my guy would wake up early to clean for me! How awesome! Remote starts are the most amazing things ever!

  2. oh awesome idea! I'll have to join in next week!

  3. It was totally awesome that he woke up early to do that!

    And emily - I'd love to have you join next week. This week was put together way late while I was getting the baby down for a nap and cooking dinner!

  4. You have a great list and lots to be thankful for! I also love finding new blogs! :):) Thanks for following, I am a new followers of yours too

  5. I love being thankful for things all year long too. I love this idea...I'll defiantly join in next week. I'm a new follower who came over from the Military Monday blog hop:)


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