December 20, 2010

someone likes to peek at the presents!

Lia didn't get the memo that Christmas isn't until Saturday.

Look how blessed we are. So many people want to spoil L! And, then we've gone to two Christmas parties thrown for the military here and they LOVE to spoil the kids. She's gotten so many gifts - and we won a nice candle centerpiece, a stuffed Mickey Mouse (hiding behind the tree!) and two big bundles of board games.

Also, it's safe to say Lia doesn't like Santa. Yet.


  1. That's exactly why our presents aren't under the tree! lol I remember Kennedy unwrapping hers when she was little so I didn't want Cole doing the same.

    Cole hated Santa

  2. She is SO stinking cute and I love her in her little precious!

    My niece HATES Santa and she's 5. She doesn't like to go to sleep on Christmas Eve because she's afraid he will wake her...and then on Christmas morning she never wants to go down the stairs in fear he may still be there.

  3. Ha ha! Yeah, our presents are up on a table... along with the tree.

    Happy almost first birthday!

  4. haha what a cute little girl you have!! she is already getting into presents, soo cute!


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