December 7, 2010


Our halls our decked and the tree is trimmed.

Well, for the most part that's true.
I don't know about you but I never feel like we have enough decorations. One day, I will have a magazine-spread worthy decoration collection. That is an awkward sentence to say...Go ahead, try it. See? Awkward.

We usually go to the tree place outside the Pathmark I boycott (but that's a whole other post that I'd rather not get into or my blood pressure may spike) to buy our tree. We have for the past two years we've lived here. But this year, times are a little tougher and Lowe's offers a 10% military discount.

So, we found ourselves all bundled up outside of Lowe's on Friday night to pick out our tree.

My husband is oh-so-handsome.

 It didn't take us long and we found our perfect tree.

Fast forward to the checkout line, M catching a glimpse of a sign, and back to the line of trees we went. It seems we could get an even bigger tree for the same price. The bargain diva inside me was quite happy about that.

Our second perfect tree. The final choice.

Ignore the bottom. It's not that ugly in person.

Here it is in all of it's lit-up glory.

Also, ignore the "merry happy Christmas Halloween" chalkboard message. I'm a little scatterbrained this holiday season and I have yet to change that...

We I changed the theme this year. Last year, it was a snowflakey theme with purples, blues and greens. It's more simple and traditional this year. Wooden ornaments. Family ornaments. Reds, greens, silvers and whites. Beaded garland. White lights. I lurve how it came out.

And, no tree topper. Our old one is a blue wooden star and way too heavy for the tree. We will just be different. At least, until I find one on clearance after the holidays.

Here's our special 2010 ornaments.

My sister sent this to Lia. All the way from Germany!

Now, if only I could make a felt garland and finish wrapping presents...


  1. SUPER CUTE! I LOVE me some sales! I'm constantly searching for clearance Christmas decorations!!

  2. I love your tree! I've never had a REAL christmas tree! Next year I'm going to get one dangit! I wanted to this year but with the move coming up, it was more of a hassle in my opinion. I love Lia's ornaments!!

    And it's ok, Merry Happy Christmas Halloween to you too!

  3. Thanks girls!

    Bri - I ordered our family ornament and Lia's angel ornament on etsy. The shop had great prices and I LOVE them!

    Gotta love my chalkboard, huh?!

  4. Your tree is gorgeous! And I have that exact chalkboard in my house. :)

  5. Your tree looks great! Your daughter is adorable. Stop by I have two great giveaways going on!


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