December 3, 2010


We went back home (well, my original home) to NC for Thanksgiving. It's so nice to go back and enjoy where I grew up and the places M and I used to go when we were dating. And, Lia always loves going to visit her papa and grandma! She was lucky enough this time to spend some good time with her aunt Ashley an uncle Matt too!

But, we wish aunt Shell, uncle Chris, Ty and Blake could have been there too!

 This park has so many memories for me. I grew up spending a lot of time here. M and I even decided to start dating again after a break up at this park. Pretty good decision, I'd say!

 Giving papi kisses.

Our family takes always takes photos in this tree. We had in to introduce L to the tradition!


 Grandma introduced L to the bears.

 This was my little sister's horse. Now, Lia uses it!

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