December 16, 2010


A couple months back, L failed a standard vision test at her pediatricians office. They referred us to an opthamologist but said it was probably nothing and not to worry or rush. We finally took her a few weeks ago and it turns out that she has an astigmatism in one eye. It could go away on it's own, but for now, we're putting her in glasses so her eye can send the correct signal to her brain and develop correctly.

I must say, she looks pretty darn cute in her new glasses!

You! You did this to me.

Distraction is key in keeping these glasses on her face. And, now my distraction of cheerios and Yo Gabba Gabba is not working anymore and those glasses are being pulled off. I'm off to distract!

I'll keep you posted.


  1. very cute!!
    how do they stay on? do they have a strap or extra long legs that go around her ear?
    I've got to get Krysta to the eye doctor. She's been scrunching her eyes a lot. I'm hoping it's just dry eyes.

  2. she looks ADORABLE in those little glasses!!! So stinking cute

  3. How pretty, she looks like a baby doctor with those glasses!!

  4. That's amazing that they can detect that in babies! The glasses look really cute though :-) I have astigmatism..she can always wear contacts or get Lasik later on


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