December 29, 2010


Baby girl,
You've done so much this month. I feel like the most honored mother in the world to have been able to watch you grow and bloom into the amazing, beautiful little girl you are today.

Taken in your second week. Photography by Bri.

It doesn't seem like it was only last year I was ordering doctors into giving me a c-section because you absolutely didn't want to come out yet. We spent a week in the hospital together (four of those days you were still in my belly!). From the first moment I layed eyes on you, my world was changed (for the better) forever. Not every day is a walk in the park, but having you has made me a better person. Having you has made me the happiest I have ever been.

I look at you sometimes and I truly cannot believe how smart you are. How much you have learned. How you have 7ish teeth already (as of the last time I counted!). You feed yourself. You hold the phone to your ear and "talk". You play on your own. You walk! If the first year went by this fast, I know the rest are going to FLY!

I'm excited for you to grow up and see all the different stages and things you'll do, but it's a bittersweet goodbye to your first year.

Daddy and I love you so very much.  You have brought so much joy into our lives it's indescribable. We wish you the very happiest 1st birthday and many, many more!


Here's your latest stats:
21 lbs - Daddy lovingly calls you his little gordita , because you are quite the chunkster and you love to eat.
27-29 inches, I want to say. Honestly, I'm not positive - but we'll know when we go to your appointment soon.
Size 3 diapers.
12-18 month clothing. Some 18 month clothing.
Size 4 shoe.

Here's your latest tricks:
You like to hide toys in other toys. For Christmas, you got a ride-on toy where the seat lifts for storage. I've been finding all kinds of toys and stuff in there...

You love phones, remotes and cameras. You won't leave us alone until we give them to you!

You've been fascinated with my eyelashes. When I hold you, you'll look at them and try to touch them. Trust me, you have some long and beautiful ones yourself!

You love taking baths. But you won't sit down in them anymore. You stand up and throw toys over the side and laugh when I toss them back in for you. You still hate having your hair rinsed out after I wash it.

You officially only eat table foods!

Your favorites are cheerios, spaghetti with meat sauce, macaroni and cheese, eggs, cookies, bananas and applesauce. You'll eat some veggies and cheese and bread, but you are definitely learning how to pick around to the foods you do want to eat.

You got glasses! You do pretty well at keeping them on (unless you are bored in the car!) but mommy tends to forget them. I have to get better at that!

Oh, and when I said up there that you are walking, I mean walking. By yourself. Pretty darn steady. Without anyone coaxing you or trying to help you.

You also bend down, pick things up off the floor and stand back up without losing your balance! I was pretty proud to see that happen.

Still hating the word "no". But, we're trying to teach you "yes"!

You love to play with blocks and Fisher Price Little People and musical toys.

You had your 1st Christmas - and got totally spoiled!

You also just had your 1st blizzard (and no, not the yummy treat from DQ!). You didn't hate the snow, but I don't think you loved it very much either.

You're learning where things go and what they do. You hold a spoon when you eat and you know what to do with it, but you're still figuring out your hand-eye coordination. I've also notice you pick up random pieces of clothing around the house and try to put them on yourself. You'll pull a sock over your foot and a dress over your head. It is so cute (and amazing!) to see you learning and grasping these things.

I lurve your laugh. It's so happy and cheery and your dimples show.

We started transitioning you to whole milk. Today, we are only going to give you whole milk. No more formula! We're going to work on cutting out your middle-day bottle. And, soon, just giving you milk in your sippy cup.
Mommy is so excited to see what this next year brings..

Taken 2 days before your 1st birthday.

If I could give you some advice for your many years of growing and learning to come - it would be...
"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."
It's not always easy, but try to look for the good in everything. It helps balance out the not-so-good and gives you a better outlook on life. And, remember, sometimes it's all about the little things! 


  1. This is so sweet!! I can imagine how much she is going to enjoy reading this as an adult.

  2. Words cannot describe how precious these pictures and words are!

    So glad you found me...I am now following you! :)

  3. Hope she had an amazing birthday!

  4. As you have been doing the 12 days of Lia's birthday, I couldnt help but think of two things. I will never forget how every time you went for the sonogram, the baby's legs were always closed, and how you and M would go home and still not know if it was a boy or girl. Oh Lia! You were quite the little prankster.

    I also remember being glued to Facebook and seeing you were going to the hospital to be induced and checking constantly to see if you had updated with news of the arrival of your baby girl. And then there was an update from one of your family members that updated everyone that baby had arrived and that mother and baby were doing well.

    Lia, on your first birthday, may you have the most wonderful day and most wonderful year, and many many more to come.
    Lots of love<3

  5. :) :) :)
    after reading this letter to your little girl..I am a fan! So beautiful..brought tears to my eyes. She will so love to read this when she's older. She will probably bring it in for show and tell...I would!!!
    So sweet!!!


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