December 26, 2010

Just popping in...

How was everyone's Christmas?

Ours was good and we were so very blessed. Lia got a ton of toys! In fact, all but four are still sitting in their boxes upstairs. M got the PS3 and I got the Prudent Advice book, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and the Canon Rebel XS. I'm loving it! Tobes got some dog treats, then proceeded to puke them back up amongst the mess of gift wrap and presents strewn around. We had a delicious dinner with some very close friends family last night and today we went to M's parents house to open gifts with them.

Now, it's snowing. Snowing since 10ish AM and it's now 6 PM on the east coast. They say it's a blizzard. I can't wait to take L out to play tomorrow!

Taken about 5 hours ago.
 I wanted to pop in because I won't be around the blog much this week.

We had a little leak big gush of water falling into our living room. Something is (apparently...) wrong with our master bathroom toilet. We left the house to go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. When we came back about 2 hours later, water was gushing down from the fan - soaking the coffee table, floors and both sofas. It seems to be drying out now, the carpets were wet-vacuumed yesterday. But, it looks like a lot of stuff is going to be to need to be fixed and replaced. We have to wait until tomorrow to talk to the complex managers about insurance and fixing everything. Fingers crossed that it works out - and soon! L's 1st birthday party is planned for Friday (in our house!) and we have family coming from out of town.

I could be around - but it's just too stressful to wrap my head around it and try to go on normally when half of our house is damaged and out of use. But, everyone is safe and I'm sure I'll be learning quite a few life lessons from all of this.

I just have to keep my spirits up and do what I can!



  1. Love your little family picture!! And wow you got some awesome things for christmas!! You must have been a good girl!

  2. Look at her with all those gifts! SO CUTE. I actually got the kitchen set at Potter Barn! They have such cute stuff and the dishes were separate but those are from Pottery Barn too!

  3. Oooh I want a Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer!! I have a knock off cheapy... but hey, it works!

    Lia looks adorable in her presents. So glad you made the most of your Christmas even though you had toilet water all over the living room!

    And this weather, oh my gosh! Sooo much snow!!


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