December 13, 2010


So, while I had a few spare minutes and some extra scrapbook paper yesterday, I decided to try whipping up some oh-so-cute party hats for L's birthday.

I have to say - they are simple, but they really came out cute! I've got 11 made...and about 17 left!

I used an old party hat I had laying around the junk hall closet to create the shape and size of my hats. I also got cheap thrifty and snagged the elastic strings off of those hats and stapled them to the ones I was making!

You can jazz these up with fabric sewn on the bottom or some pom poms, but I'm keeping it real and simple. Besides, I can't sew.

Here's my DIY tutorial.

Gather your supplies
And, elastic string - not pictured.

If you have an old party hat...

If you don't have an old party hat:

Now, follow the rest of these instructions.

Please, ignore my in-badly-need-of-a-manicure finger.

Pretty party hats for all!

If you wanted to add a little more fun to these - check out the tutorial over at Spearmint Baby.

Birthday to-do list:

Make invitations
Mail invitations
Make birthday banner
Figure out the rest of decor
Make the rest of the decorations
Find recipe for cake and icing
Plan and make the food
Party favors
12 months of photos display

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  1. Those are adorable, Kristy! I love the patterns and colors.


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