December 11, 2010


L's Winter "One"derland party is in 20 days! And, I'm just starting to plan it...

I had a different theme in mind and a few days ago, I started thinking again about a winter theme party (which was my original idea) and Winter "One"derland popped in my head. Of course, I thought it was original until I googled it. Ha! But still, I love the idea and I'm scrambling to get it all together.

Being that we're on a budget, I'm hand-making whatever I can. Which works out better, because handmade decorations are from the heart. And, I lurve this little girl more than anything.

I started out with her invitations. We're tight on space in our house, it's only going to be immediate family and a few close friends. So, I only needed a few invites. I pulled out all my scrapbook papers + decals and my stationary box. I came up with some winter theme decals and leftover Christmas cards.

Add a little glue + creativity to that mix and I present you with this...

Half of the card - I had to crop out our personal info.

I've wanted to make her a birthday banner since I first started thinking about her party months ago. There's a lot of great tutorials out there but I used this one and this one.

I didn't take pictures as I was going along so I suggest you use those two awesome links above. I used the concept of the first one and the letters from the second one.

It was a bit time consuming with all the cutting, gluing and stringing together. And, if you're using glue sticks like I did, I suggest you get a few. But, it was totally worth it!

Birthday to-do list:
Make invitations
Mail invitations
Make birthday banner
Figure out the rest of decor
Find recipe for cake and icing
Plan and make the food
Party favors
12 months of photos display

I guess I should get busy!


  1. Kristy, they are SOOO CUTE! Good job! I LOVE them both... the banner is just too cute. I've seen those online but never tackled one myself.

  2. one idea for decorating is to cut snowflakes out of white paper and hang them in the windows and from the ceiling. We love making paper snowflakes.

  3. Omg Kristy!

    First off i cant believe baby girl is already 1!!! Where did this year go?
    Second, I absolutely love the decorations/invites and the personal touch you've added to everything! I cant wait to see pics of the final outcome.

    Also, do you ever go on Foodgawker?

  4. These are awesome! You're giving me ideas for Nadia's

  5. the birthday banner is adorable! So much better than something store bought. can't wait to see more!

  6. Oh alyssa! I don't know where the year went either. I was watching old videos of her and I was crying because I can't believe just last year I was holding my new tiny baby and now she's a chunky baby who walks, talks and screams at me!

    It's time for another baby (:

  7. Emily - I've already thought about those. I tryed making a really intricate 6 point one, but that didn't exactly come out right! I'm going to open all the blinds and paste them on the windows (:

    Lydia - Thank you! For as easy as it is (only a little time consuming!) there's no reason to spend crazy amounts of money on decorations when I can take an hour here or there and create it myself! Next up - party hats and tissue pom poms!


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