December 17, 2010


First off...

Holy moly, how is my child turning O.N.E in 12 days?

I didn't approve that. I did not say this past year, while as amazing as it was, could go by this fast. I need to talk to someone in charge of first birthdays. They should really have some sort of time continuum that lets the time of the first year go by just a bit slower.

Lia has done so many amazing things in her first year of life. She definitely has mommy + daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers. Better make that mommy, daddy, all 4 grandparents and aunt shell. And really, anyone who meets her is taken away with her. She's just got that personality. Her glasses sure do add to that cute factor.

So, before I burst out crying and drown in my own unstoppable tears because my baby really isn't a baby anymore - here's to the honor of my gorgeous little girl on the last 12 days of her first year.

I'll be posting old pictures of Lia from each month up until the eve of her birthday. I'll be needing some tissues to get through all of them...

Month 1

The 1st time I got to hold my baby girl. 

First photo shoot. Thanks to my friend Bri.

She was once so tiny most clothes don't fit. Now, we haven't the opposite problem!

Her second photo shoot. Also, thanks to Bri!


  1. Isn't it just crazy how fast the time goes?! I'm definately glad I was able to be here and meet this beautiful little girl!!

  2. love the old baby pictures! it truly does go by so darn fast! yay for walking too!


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