November 22, 2010

What I am doing now...

It includes some of this...

and this...

and these!

Excuse the blurry photos...they are taken with my phone.

I am packing to go back home for Thanksgiving. It's been way too long. I can't wait to see my wonderfully, fabulous family! L hasn't seen my parents in a couple months and she hasn't seen my brother and sister in quite awhile. I am busy trying to remember every little item I need to pack and my brain doesn't want to cooperate. I love lists - I am usually good at making them. But today? No such luck.

I am also getting everything in order for our Christmas pictures today. I am beyond excited! L's got the cutest outfit to wear. I can't wait to get the Christmas cards mailed out!

I hope everyone has an great Thanksgiving filled with lots of family, good food, and cheers!

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