November 15, 2010

Our Extra-Long Weekend.

We were lucky enough to score a 4-day weekend. Pretty sweet, huh?

It was seriously jam-packed with everything under the sun. There was a ball (with heroes dressed in their best and gals all dolled up), a trip to the zoo, visiting family, a small shopping trip to Ikea that left me drooling, a day full of grocery shopping + errands, visiting more family, order L's Christmas presents and babysitting.


I am exhausted! And, so not ready to tackle what needs tackling today. Especially with M gone for the next 3 days.

But, we had a good weekend. If the price to pay is full-on exhaustion, I'll pay in full.

Heads up - there's a LOT of pictures.

It was the Marine Corps 235th birthday. Happy belated Birthday to the Marines! We had a blast at the ball. There was lots of pictures, dancing, being silly and enjoying ourselves. I'd have to say this was my favorite ball out of the five I've been too.

We had the best table full of our friends!


Okay, the best time to visit the zoo is on a weekday afternoon, other than Wednesday (the free day). Apart from a few class trips, it was empty! Gloriously, peacefully empty. Most animals were hiding/sleeping and a few attractions were closed for the season but it is so much nicer when it isn't jam-packed. We watched a couple 4D shows, scoped out some animals, witnessed some loud monkeys fighting and rode the carousel.

Fall foliage is gorgeous!

She's practicing standing up on her own!

I lurve my new haircut.

Of course she kicked off her shoe and looked down the minute I took the photo!


Now, I've got to start on my to-do list. Writing it, not actually accomplishing it...yet!
Happy Monday. And I'll be back soon with what I hope will be a new weekly post.


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    Oh my goodness! Your daughter is CRAZY adorable!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures!! I wish the Air Force had balls! Us wives could use it, thats for sure! You guys looked so great! Your daughter is just too cute!

  3. how fun!! We totally missed our ball this year...maybe next year!


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