November 18, 2010

Oh life, please wait for me.

My babe.

Yeah, her.

She is getting B.I.G.

Like, too big.

21 lbs and 27 inches worth of big-ness. With a 85th percentile head size.

Like I said, too big.

She can't possibly be on the verge of being a one year old. I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. All bundled up in her adorable fleecey striped outfit. I was just crying, as I left her with my mom for an hour after we got home because I need some granny-style underwear from Target. We just spent our first sleepless night together (actually, it was a sleepless night last night).  How was I just in the pediatricians office listening to her tell us that Lia will be getting really mobile soon and we can start introducing her to whole milk in her bottle? Did someone use that remote from Click on me?!

I didn't ask for that.
It was really unnessecary.

It's no wonder I feel like life is flying past me and I'm sitting in the wings, all scatterbrained and disorganized. Next week is Thanksgiving. I still have Happy Halloween plastered across the front door, windows and the family chalkboard.

This pile of Halloween decor has been sitting in the living room since a few days after Halloween. Just sitting there. Waiting to be shoved into the other Halloween box. Just sitting outside in the shed.

But, I did pick up a couple christmas gifts for L today. So, that balances out the Halloween mess right? Right.

Speaking of Christmas, I am really getting into the mood. I am ready for baking and decoration. ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas? Oh yeah, already got a long list on the DVR. Next week? The Madagascar holiday special on NBC. Talk about being excited! I did a little squeal of happiness when FedEx just dropped off one of L-bugs presents. I am ready for a christmas tree and twinkling lights. Cozy nights and hot cocoa. Oh, I am so ready!

Remember my post about Thanksgiving? It's still okay to decorate for Christmas if we aren't going to be here for Thanksgiving, right? I mean, I am still giving the good ole turkey his due respect. Just in someone else's house. This way, I can catch up and get ahead.

That's good logic, right?

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