November 30, 2010


Lia turned eleven months old yesterday! I remembered around 4:30. Needless to say, I had nothing prepared for her eleven month letter. Mommy fail!

Eleven months? How am I supposed to wrap my head around that number? How is my sweet baby girl going to be one years old in 29 days? Where do I find a location big enough to hold our family and friends in December that won't cost us a fortune? Our apartment isn't teeny but it will be a bit crowded. And the only other option I had in mine is booked until February! Maybe I should have planned that part a bit more in advance...

Lia bug - where did the time go? Most of the time, I look at you and see my little baby. But lately, there have been a few times where I've looked at you and I've seen a one year old. Almost a toddler. It's so hard to believe that you are getting so much bigger every day.

Your 10 month checkup was last month. You weighed in at 21 lbs and around 27 inches. And your head? Well, it's still big and growing! You were still dealing with your throat infection so you didn't get any shots. Sadly, you're getting them today. Your doctor said you were doing everything you were supposed to be doing and you look great! We can even start transitioning you to whole milk and giving you egg whites. Mommy and daddy think you are ready to start getting whole milk and losing the bottle. You have cut back to mostly 3 (6 oz) bottles a day. One when you wake up, one after a nap, and one before bed. In between, you get mostly table foods for meals. Your favorite breakfast is cheerios and sliced bananas. Lunch is usually whatever mommy is having, if you eat it - you are typically napping in that time period and then get your bottle when you wake up. Dinner is whatever we're having most of the time. Lots of pasta, veggies, spaghetti and meat sauce, rice and beans, shredded meats. You pretty much feed yourself everything now, unless mommy resorts to baby food and then I feed you. You love playing with the spoon but you haven't quite grasped the spoon with food to mouth skill yet.

You are still in size 3 diapers. You can finally wear shoes, even though you aren't crazy about them. You wear a three or four. Clothing wise, you are mostly in 12-18 months. A few 6-12 or 9 months fits you.

You can walk! It's just a couple baby steps here and there, always with me or papi standing in front of you cheering you on but it's something. You know when you're going to do it because you'll stand (or we'll help you stand up) and then your eyes will get big and light up and your face just says "oh yeah, I'm about to do something really awesome and mommy is gonna scream like a crazy lady". It is seriously the most adorable look. Ever!

You are a babbler. You can now say mama "mamamaama", dada "dadadada", hi and hi toby "hi tododo". You can wave bye, but you usually do it when the person has already walked away. You understand how to give kisses when asked in English or Spanish. We speak both languages around you and so far, you seem to understand everything you are told. Now, mommy has to catch up and learn!

Your favorite things right now are:
All other dogs.
Standing in front of the door, looking outside.
Your push toy/walker.
The remote control and cell phones.
Swinging at the park.
Yo Gabba Gabba.

Lately, most of what you do is follow me and whine until I pick you up. I guess it's the stage you are in. Everything has to do with me. I can't walk away from you. I can't put you down. I can't do something without you doing it. I don't even pee in private! I am flattered baby girl, really, I am. I love spending all my time with you. But hey, let's give Daddy some of that attention too. Okay? Okay!

You are getting so big baby girl. It's such a joy to watch you learn new things every day and to see your happiness when you master them. I know you have to grow and get big, but promise me you'll always be my little girl?



  1. i love love her facial expression when she's in the swing. she's like..uhh really mom?? plus..that onsie is so friggin cute!! hopefully the shots weren't too bad!

  2. She usually loves the swings - but that day, she was just like "yeah okay mom, are we done yet?"! My hubby found that when he was away from work - it really is adorable! She handled the shots like a champ, she cried long enough for them to put a bandaid on and that was it. Then she came home and she's taking a very long nap so I can actually get something done (:

  3. Her pictures are priceless! I love the idea of writing a letter to let her know what milestones she's reached--made me tear up a bit lol

  4. I thought it would be a good idea for her to have some memories and know where she was at every month! I am thinking about printing out all the ones of her first year and making a book of some sorts!


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