November 8, 2010


It's my belated Halloween post! Life here in the Villa household seems to be a whirlwind of plans and the unknown lately but I will catch up soon.

Isn't it great when Halloween falls on a weekend? No rushing around after work to put together/on costumes and put out the candy and make a festive supper. Am I the only one who feels it is neccesary to have spooky-inspired food on Halloween? L's 1st Halloween wasn't perfect but she's 10 months old and all things considering, we had a good time. It started out a little rough - I was annoyed and cranky and my last minute run to Target for cupcake decor + diapers only made me grumpier. However, I let what was bothering me go and motivated myself to make L-bug's 1st Halloween amazing!

It still wasn't amazing, but we had a good time with friends + family. We all looked adorable in our costumes. And, I made some delicious treats! Despite the cold weather and the meltdown Lia had at the end, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Sometimes you have to embrace moments in their most unperfect form. I believe that when you can do that, when you can embrace something in it's most honest and flawed ways, then you are truly living and enjoying life.

Our weekend started with a Halloween party at M's workplace. Lia practiced walking, played with some balloon animals and generally had fun!

Then, the really fun stuff happened on Sunday. Trick or Treating!

We had fun and it's just so thrilling to be celebrating holidays for the first time with L.
I hope you all had a spook-tastic Halloween!

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