November 30, 2010

Lia turned eleven months old yesterday! I remembered around 4:30. Needless to say, I had nothing prepared for her eleven month letter. Mommy fail!

Eleven months? How am I supposed to wrap my head around that number? How is my sweet baby girl going to be one years old in 29 days? Where do I find a location big enough to hold our family and friends in December that won't cost us a fortune? Our apartment isn't teeny but it will be a bit crowded. And the only other option I had in mine is booked until February! Maybe I should have planned that part a bit more in advance...

Lia bug - where did the time go? Most of the time, I look at you and see my little baby. But lately, there have been a few times where I've looked at you and I've seen a one year old. Almost a toddler. It's so hard to believe that you are getting so much bigger every day.

Your 10 month checkup was last month. You weighed in at 21 lbs and around 27 inches. And your head? Well, it's still big and growing! You were still dealing with your throat infection so you didn't get any shots. Sadly, you're getting them today. Your doctor said you were doing everything you were supposed to be doing and you look great! We can even start transitioning you to whole milk and giving you egg whites. Mommy and daddy think you are ready to start getting whole milk and losing the bottle. You have cut back to mostly 3 (6 oz) bottles a day. One when you wake up, one after a nap, and one before bed. In between, you get mostly table foods for meals. Your favorite breakfast is cheerios and sliced bananas. Lunch is usually whatever mommy is having, if you eat it - you are typically napping in that time period and then get your bottle when you wake up. Dinner is whatever we're having most of the time. Lots of pasta, veggies, spaghetti and meat sauce, rice and beans, shredded meats. You pretty much feed yourself everything now, unless mommy resorts to baby food and then I feed you. You love playing with the spoon but you haven't quite grasped the spoon with food to mouth skill yet.

You are still in size 3 diapers. You can finally wear shoes, even though you aren't crazy about them. You wear a three or four. Clothing wise, you are mostly in 12-18 months. A few 6-12 or 9 months fits you.

You can walk! It's just a couple baby steps here and there, always with me or papi standing in front of you cheering you on but it's something. You know when you're going to do it because you'll stand (or we'll help you stand up) and then your eyes will get big and light up and your face just says "oh yeah, I'm about to do something really awesome and mommy is gonna scream like a crazy lady". It is seriously the most adorable look. Ever!

You are a babbler. You can now say mama "mamamaama", dada "dadadada", hi and hi toby "hi tododo". You can wave bye, but you usually do it when the person has already walked away. You understand how to give kisses when asked in English or Spanish. We speak both languages around you and so far, you seem to understand everything you are told. Now, mommy has to catch up and learn!

Your favorite things right now are:
All other dogs.
Standing in front of the door, looking outside.
Your push toy/walker.
The remote control and cell phones.
Swinging at the park.
Yo Gabba Gabba.

Lately, most of what you do is follow me and whine until I pick you up. I guess it's the stage you are in. Everything has to do with me. I can't walk away from you. I can't put you down. I can't do something without you doing it. I don't even pee in private! I am flattered baby girl, really, I am. I love spending all my time with you. But hey, let's give Daddy some of that attention too. Okay? Okay!

You are getting so big baby girl. It's such a joy to watch you learn new things every day and to see your happiness when you master them. I know you have to grow and get big, but promise me you'll always be my little girl?

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Home Sweet Home.

November 29, 2010

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We are back in our messy cozy home. The dining room is filled with Christmas gifts, the kitchen sink is filling up with dirty dishes & bottles, the fridge contains nothing edible and the living room is just a total mess. I've got a lot of unpacking and putting away that needs to be done. The washing machine has a big pile of sofa covers to be washed. L's bottle decided to work improperly last night and as I layed her on the sofa and gave her a bottle, the whole lid flopped off and threw 4 oz of milk of her face! Let's just say, the sofa was a casualty.

But, in the midst of all the messes, it's good to be home. I can't wait to get the decorations and twinkling lights up. I'm excited to take Lia to pick out her very first Christmas tree. I am ready to wrap gifts and stick them under the tree. We are going to have a very good Christmas this year...

Christmas tunes are playing, it's nice and bright outside, I've had something that resembles breakfast and I'm ready to tackle everything and get back into a routine-ish week.

I'll have some posts up soon of our Thanksgiving and mini vacation back home!

Here's a sneak peak...

Thanksgiving dinner + a self feeding babe = a strip down at the table and a bath immediately afterwards.

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November 25, 2010

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I am thankful for...
A wonderful husband who is a great father to L.
My beautiful daughter. Her smile lights up my world.
My family. We are imperfect, crazy and loud but I wouldn't change that for the world.
All of the delicious food we enjoyed today.
The comforts of a home, full of anything and everything we need.
A safe trip to NC with a flat tire being the only issue. We saw a bad wreck on the way and we are very lucky our flat tire didn't cause any major issues...only a time delay and $30.
Dinner with friends.
A few days off from work and "real life".
Black Friday shopping!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat lots of good food, enjoy some shopping and be thankful for what you have!

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The Kitchen Bandit.

November 23, 2010

There's this girl. She makes a mess in the kitchen.

Oh no! She's spotted me.

She's on the run!

I'll catch you next time, my little kitchen bandit.

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What I am doing now...

November 22, 2010

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It includes some of this...

and this...

and these!

Excuse the blurry photos...they are taken with my phone.

I am packing to go back home for Thanksgiving. It's been way too long. I can't wait to see my wonderfully, fabulous family! L hasn't seen my parents in a couple months and she hasn't seen my brother and sister in quite awhile. I am busy trying to remember every little item I need to pack and my brain doesn't want to cooperate. I love lists - I am usually good at making them. But today? No such luck.

I am also getting everything in order for our Christmas pictures today. I am beyond excited! L's got the cutest outfit to wear. I can't wait to get the Christmas cards mailed out!

I hope everyone has an great Thanksgiving filled with lots of family, good food, and cheers!

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November 19, 2010

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Christmas cards have their own special place in our home. Taped to the door. It's how I always remember my mom displaying the Christmas cards our family received when I was young. My parents would get a lot of cards and I loved the way they made the door look festive. I've brought this simple tradition into my home and I think that while all the cards look great, don't you think photo cards look even more festive and special?

Last year, I had the full intention to mail out Christmas cards with our family picture on it. Only L wasn't here yet. I didn't have any good pictures of us and my belly. And, even though I love L's sonogram pictures - they look a little creepy on a card. I mean, she was actually looking at us and smiling in one! So, I ended up grabbing regular cards and mailing those out. But this year, I have no excuse. My beautiful girl is here and I have someone to take our family picture.

I am so excited to make our cards!

So, in my attempt to get ahead of things, I really need to get these cards made and mailed. Some will be traveling as far as Germany! Have you checked out Shutterfly's holiday card selection? You should! Seriously, there is such a huge selection to choose from. I may be on there all day...

I am partial to these though.

If you like the more traditional cards, they have a great selection of Merry Christmas cards.
I am really liking this one!

And, if you need any creative gift ideas, they've got the right stuff. I made M one of these photo mugs for Christmas last year. I LOVED the way it came out. I love giving personal gifts and this one was perfect. The pictures looked great and it holds up well in the dishwasher. M was really happy with his gift. It gives a little extra cheer to his morning coffee!

These mugs with a design would look great under the Christmas tree!

Planning on sending out photo cards this year?  
Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly. Click here to sign up!

This is my honest opinion of the products! I received only a promo code for 50 free holiday cards for writing this post.

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November 18, 2010

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Oh life, please wait for me.

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My babe.

Yeah, her.

She is getting B.I.G.

Like, too big.

21 lbs and 27 inches worth of big-ness. With a 85th percentile head size.

Like I said, too big.

She can't possibly be on the verge of being a one year old. I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. All bundled up in her adorable fleecey striped outfit. I was just crying, as I left her with my mom for an hour after we got home because I need some granny-style underwear from Target. We just spent our first sleepless night together (actually, it was a sleepless night last night).  How was I just in the pediatricians office listening to her tell us that Lia will be getting really mobile soon and we can start introducing her to whole milk in her bottle? Did someone use that remote from Click on me?!

I didn't ask for that.
It was really unnessecary.

It's no wonder I feel like life is flying past me and I'm sitting in the wings, all scatterbrained and disorganized. Next week is Thanksgiving. I still have Happy Halloween plastered across the front door, windows and the family chalkboard.

This pile of Halloween decor has been sitting in the living room since a few days after Halloween. Just sitting there. Waiting to be shoved into the other Halloween box. Just sitting outside in the shed.

But, I did pick up a couple christmas gifts for L today. So, that balances out the Halloween mess right? Right.

Speaking of Christmas, I am really getting into the mood. I am ready for baking and decoration. ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas? Oh yeah, already got a long list on the DVR. Next week? The Madagascar holiday special on NBC. Talk about being excited! I did a little squeal of happiness when FedEx just dropped off one of L-bugs presents. I am ready for a christmas tree and twinkling lights. Cozy nights and hot cocoa. Oh, I am so ready!

Remember my post about Thanksgiving? It's still okay to decorate for Christmas if we aren't going to be here for Thanksgiving, right? I mean, I am still giving the good ole turkey his due respect. Just in someone else's house. This way, I can catch up and get ahead.

That's good logic, right?
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November 17, 2010

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I was in Girl Scouts. A long while ago, that is. But while I was a member, I managed to rack up quite the badge collection. I really can't remember any of them now - only the Mall Lock-In badge sticks out in my mind. I thought it was so awesome to have a huge sleepover in the local mall. I even brought along my Fred Flinstone slippers.

We should have a tacky brown sash to proudly display our mommy badges. My would be small. Labor, the first shot, the ultrasound for the possible hip problem, the first shot I had to hold L for, her first cough. But I earned a new one this week. Getting through L's first real fever and infection. On my lonesome. It seems inevitable that she gets sick when M is out of town. In the past, it was just a low-grade fever or a small cough. This time? A high fever. Like 103.5 high. An infection. A total personality change. It included being at the doctor's two days in a row. A bag to catch urine?! A throat swab. An exam. Not one, but two finger pricks. Plenty of Motrin, Tylenol, and temperature checks.

Bless both of us, we are on the last stretch of this sickness (I hope!) and she's been a trooper. A grumpy, sad, not-interested-in-toys-and-only-wants-to-cry trooper...but a trooper nonetheless!

Thank goodness, I have been lucky so far. I haven't had to worry about her - she's never had any major problems or concerns. She's always healthy and happy. Then this sickness hit her. It came from nowhere. We know now that it's nothing major but it sure can shake a momma up. There's nothing worse in the world than knowing that your baby feels horrible and you can't fix it. You can't snap your fingers and make it go away. All you can do is comfort them and snuggle them and whisper quiet shushes in their ear hoping it makes them feel at least a teensy bit better.

My gorgeous girl is taking a nap. I know she's feeling a little better because she actually laughed at me today. And played with her toys. And drank her juice! M is on his way home and I'm excited about the Dominican take-out we'll be having for dinner. It's finally looking like Fall here, with the blustery winds and vibrant yellow, orange and red leaves scattering across our yard. The world is becoming right again.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, L's 1st Birthday and all the simple things in between like ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas, watching Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night with my hubby, baking cookies and having a few minutes of down-time to read a magazine - things can only get better from here.
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Our Extra-Long Weekend.

November 15, 2010

We were lucky enough to score a 4-day weekend. Pretty sweet, huh?

It was seriously jam-packed with everything under the sun. There was a ball (with heroes dressed in their best and gals all dolled up), a trip to the zoo, visiting family, a small shopping trip to Ikea that left me drooling, a day full of grocery shopping + errands, visiting more family, order L's Christmas presents and babysitting.


I am exhausted! And, so not ready to tackle what needs tackling today. Especially with M gone for the next 3 days.

But, we had a good weekend. If the price to pay is full-on exhaustion, I'll pay in full.

Heads up - there's a LOT of pictures.

It was the Marine Corps 235th birthday. Happy belated Birthday to the Marines! We had a blast at the ball. There was lots of pictures, dancing, being silly and enjoying ourselves. I'd have to say this was my favorite ball out of the five I've been too.

We had the best table full of our friends!


Okay, the best time to visit the zoo is on a weekday afternoon, other than Wednesday (the free day). Apart from a few class trips, it was empty! Gloriously, peacefully empty. Most animals were hiding/sleeping and a few attractions were closed for the season but it is so much nicer when it isn't jam-packed. We watched a couple 4D shows, scoped out some animals, witnessed some loud monkeys fighting and rode the carousel.

Fall foliage is gorgeous!

She's practicing standing up on her own!

I lurve my new haircut.

Of course she kicked off her shoe and looked down the minute I took the photo!


Now, I've got to start on my to-do list. Writing it, not actually accomplishing it...yet!
Happy Monday. And I'll be back soon with what I hope will be a new weekly post.
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November 12, 2010

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L-bug took her first steps tonight!

Here's the proof.

She's been getting good at standing on her own and this past week she has really shown that she has the capability to take steps but she would get scared and plop back down on the floor. I guess she just really wanted the cell phones we were using to record her tonight. She finally took her first steps! At first, it was only about one step. Then, she would take two and then three. She'll be running around the house in no time!

Now, we really have to babyproof!
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What happened to Thanksgiving?

November 9, 2010

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So, everywhere I look Christmas is making it's appearance. The stores are stocked with lights, decorations, holiday M&Ms and festive music. The towns are decorating light poles and store fronts with light-up snowflakes and garlands and wreaths. It's all beautiful!

But, can we give Tom the Turkey is rightfully due respect? Can we celebrate him and then move on to Christmas? Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I mean, I really lurve it. But it just turned November and it feels like it's all going way too quickly. I want to enjoy my favorite month. I want to enjoy the rest of the crunchy, bright colored leaves before the snow comes in and covers it all. I want to dream and drool over turkey + pan gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, rolls, pies, cakes and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. For me, it's not time to start celebrating Christmas until good ole St Nick comes riding his sleigh at the end of the parade. Then, by all means, rush out to the shed or garage and drag all out the holiday decor.

So, in honor of giving Thanksgiving it's own celebrations and decor (and because life is moving way too fast and I feel like if I don't make a point that it is still Fall, it won't be any longer) here's a round-up of Fall-ish DIY decor.

I wish I could do all of them but let's get real - I'll be lucky to finish even one. But I'd love to see what you do!

These pumpkins are on the top of my list. As soon as I learn how to sew...

Enjoy and Happy Fall!
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I see wishes.

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What do you see?

How awesome is this? Ever since I was little, I remember being told that when you blow on these "weeds" (I always called them flowers!) you can make a wish. I picked them up all the time as a young girl. I still pick them up and make wishes. Do you?

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