October 5, 2010

Things Will Work Out.

Yesterday was one of those days. The kind where nothing is wrong, yet everything is wrong. Bad naps, bad moods. It was a cool, gray, drizzling day. The day where it's blah, I'm blah and things just generally seem blah.

It was the ugly day that rears its head every now and then because how would we enjoy the good days if we didn't have a bad one sometimes?

Then, I heard the mail lady shuffling outside the door with a package. I vaguely remember my sister tell me she was sending L a package. So, I quietly rushed to the door. I say quietly because minutes before I had just got L to sleep on the sofa. It was, indeed, a package for L from her aunt shell!

I carried it into the living room, grabbing a knife from the kitchen on the way and cut it open. It was filled with shoes, toys and oh so many clothes. But you know what my favorite thing in that box was? The LOVE. I know just how much LOVE went into collecting all the beautiful things in it. I know just how much LOVE was packed into that box and then mailed all the way here from Germany. 

It was just what I needed. A little reminder that life is always going to give you a silver lining. Although, there are no promises that it will come at the exact time you want or be the exact thing you expect, it will come and it will be good.

Then, nestled between some clothes in the middle of the box, I found this...

And when I opened that tiny little box, I found this...

How sweet is it that L's adoring cousin (one of my handsome, loving nephews) wanted to send his money to her. Because that is how thoughtful and kind that he is. It brought a few tears to my eyes.

I came across this quote yesterday and combined with the box, it reminds me of how I should be living. There are alawys going to be bad days. There is always going to be something to stress out about. There is always going to be at least one big decision looming over your head to make at some point. And it is easy to freak out about things and settle into a moody funk. Or, you could say this to yourself and truly believe it.

Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out.

And, even though I know sometimes I will let myself get into a bad mood and I will stress about things and I will get overwhelmed and tired and grumpy, I will at least make the effort to try and believe this.

So, I want to say thank you to my big sister for spoiling us with these boxes full of love and goodies. And, I want to say thank you to Bubba for having such a big heart. We love you guys so much and I only wish we could see each other more often!

L loved her presents!

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