October 29, 2010


I have a 10 month old. In two months, I will have a one year old.
Let's say it again...
I have a 10 month old. In two months, I will have a one year old.

Nope...I still can't grasp that.

This morning, I went to get L-bug out of her crib. She, of course, was waiting for me with her famous smile. As I picked her up and turned to walk out, I caught our reflection in the mirror and I realized my small baby isn't so small anymore. She's pretty darn big for how she started. I know she is supposed to grow, but I was still seeing her as my little babe. It gives me mixed emotions. Of course, I am thrilled and oh so proud of this amazing girl that I've helped to make and raise. But, her baby-hood days are almost gone.

My own point was just proven. I left L by the coffee table with her new walking toy so she could play with the blocks that are inside it. She has yet to "walk" with this toy and I turned around and she made her way all the way to the desk. A small feat, you may think, but it's something to cheer about in our home!

Little babe,
My, how you are growing! I've had the honor of being with you every day since you were born. Nothing has made me happier than being able to do that. You have changed SO much lately. You are growing and learning new things and nothing stops you! You are such a happy baby, you always have a cheesy grin to give to me or daddy. We LOVE your cheesy grins...never lose 'em. You love your Toby. It probably drives him a little nuts, but you love to pet (ie. more like tap) him and you really get excited when you hear him coming into the room you are in. You are an excellent eater and still love your water. And, you still give high-fives (when you want, that is!).

But here is what's new...
-You've learned how to give kisses, in Spanish and English! When we ask you for a kiss, you lean in with your mouth wide open. It's a little slobbery sometimes, but we love that you give us kisses!
-You are eating so many solid foods and you love them! Mac & cheese, pasta, bananas, peaches, apples, berries, cheerios, rice, and beans are some of your favorites. You are messy, but pretty good at feeding yourself! We gave you juice for the 1st time this week. You seemed to like it, but you didn't go crazy-happy about it.
-We finally found you a pair of sneakers that were cute and fit you great. Since we've let you wear them, you can stand up on your own much better than before and you almost took your first steps this week. You aren't so sure you are ready, but I think you will be ready soon!
-You cruise along everything, are learning how doors work and will open cabinets and empty out every box/basket in the house.
-You have 3 teeth now. 2 bottom teeth and 1 on top. It looks like your 4th tooth may be getting ready to break through as well.
-Teething has made you especially cranky this past week or two. For a few days, you been taking 2 naps a day. We'll see how long that lasts. You won't even take your teething rings for longer than a minute or so and you make it so hard to put orajel on your teeth that mommy has resorted to the occasional ice pop to soothe your gums and calm you down.
-You love to play with blocks and knock them down.
-You babble all the time. You can say mama (mamamama is how it sounds) and I'm not sure you relate to word to me or not. You seem to say it when you are pulling up on me or want me to hold you so I think you are learning it.
-You love to make messes.

You are:
-Wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing.
-Still wearing a size 3 diaper.
-I am guessing you weigh around 22 lbs and you've probably grown at least a 1/2 inch.
-On a great schedule now. Besides the extra naps this past week, you have about four 6 oz bottles and 2 meals plus a snack throughout the day and a 1-2 hour nap around 12 everyday. It's great that you have finally learned that the crib means sleep and you rarely give us a hard time when we put you down in your crib.

I am plan to enjoy every last second of your baby-hood. I can't wait to see all the new things you will learn and do. Keep growing beautifully, babe. I love you!


When you have a 3-toothed crawling monster like me, these are the kinds of photos you get!

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