October 25, 2010

101 IN 1001

Ah, lists. I love lists. No...I lurve them. As I defined "lurve" to my husband this weekend after texting that "I lurve him", it means you love something so much that the word love doesn't quite cover it. I make lists for everything. Grocery lists, to-do lists, DIY to-do lists, meal plans, cleaning schedules, weekly plans. I'm probably a bit too into it, but hey, I think thats okay. A list just helps me do what I want/need to do. I have a horrible memory. I mostly forget little, everyday things. A strangers name 5 seconds after they just told me their name. Something I was supposed to buy during the a shopping trip. Taking medications. A toothbrush or hairdryer while packing for vacation. So, a list helps me keep it all together.

I'm good at saying I want to do this or try that or learn this and that, but ask M....I suck at actually taking action. Lately, I just haven't been happy with myself in not actually doing something about it. During what little downtime I have while L naps, I will usually do a little cleaning and picking up and making lists but otherwise, nothing very productive or for myself. I see tons of inspiration and things I'd like to learn to do or accomplish on the blogs I browse, but I never actually start my own tasks or projects.

That's going to change. I found 101 in 1001 while browsing blogs a few months back and I bookmarked it to remember it. Of course, I didn't remembering and start until now but it's better than never!

101 in 1001 is simple. Make a list (!) of 101 things you would like to do in 1001 days. Mine list is simple. It's me. It's filled with things I love and things I would love to learn and make. I'm really excited about making this list and being able to cross things off. Crossing things off is another thing I lurve...

If this motivates you or you are already doing your own list similar to this, I'd love to hear about it!

101 in 1001.
Start date - October 22, 2010
Finish date - July 19, 2013

1. Learn to sew, knit, and/or crochet.
2. Get another professional photo session done of L. (10/21/2010)
3. Throw L a beautiful, fun first birthday party.
4. Plant a garden. Or, at least an herb garden!
5. Perfect my homemade brownie recipe.
6. Establish a date night with M once a month.
7. Lose 50 pounds.
8. Organize photos in albums.
9. Make Lia's first Halloween costume. (10/23/2010)
10. Make a chocolate soufle.
11. Start learning spanish...again.
12. Throw a Halloween party.
13. Perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe.
14. Go on a trip with my loves (visiting relatives doesn't count!)
15. Buy a professional camera.
16. Learn all about photography.
17. Take a picture of L at least once a week
18. Print and frame more photos.
19. Teach Lia to walk.
20. Buy a house (HUGE dream that I hope one day is possible!)
21. Bake something and drop it off at a friend or neighbors house.
22. Do something kind to a stranger.
23. Participate in Operation Beautiful.
24. Take L and Toby on daily walks.
25. Organize recipes.
26. Visit a new state.
27. Add artwork to our home.
28. Host Thanksgiving for our families.
29. Get a library card.
30. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
31. Watch "A Christmas Story" with L. It's my favorite christmas movie and I want to share the tradition with her.
32. Start L's scrapbook.
33. Take a friend out to lunch.
34. Take L to a Gymboree class.
35. Learn how to make salsa and guacamole.
36. Buy produce at a farmer's market.
37. Take an excersice class.
38. Have another baby.
39. Take a cooking/baking class.
40. Build a snowman.
41. See a broadway play.
42. Decorate L's room.
43. DIY a mirror chalkboard.
44. Call my brother + sisters more.
45. And send them pictures. Mom and dad too.
46. See T.Swift in concert...again!
47. DIY the "dumpster" chair.
48. Ride a roller coaster.
49. Go strawberrry picking.
50. Buy + hang shelves in dining room.
51. Mail a postcard.
52. Carve a pumpkin. (10/23/2010)
53. Dejunk the house and have a yard sale.
54. Donate unneeded items to a good cause.
55. Make (tasty!) spaghetti sauce from scratch.
56. Find a good meatball recipe.
57. Go to a drive-in theatre.
58. Try two new restaurants.
59. Take L to ride on Nunley's Carousel.
60. Restart The 30-day Shred.
61. Take L trick-or-treating.
62. Have L's pictures taken in her Halloween costume.
63. And her birthday outfit.
64. Let M have a "him" day, he can do as he pleases and I won't nag him.
65. Have a girl's day with L, including lunch and pedicures!
66. Make L a tutu.
67. Make a wreath for the front door.
68. Sew fabric pumpkins.
69. Be more confident!
70. Get a mani/pedi.
71. Organize our hall closests.
72. Have friends over for dinner and a board game.
73. Add a new boardgame to our collection.
74. Quit biting my nails.
75. Make a pinecone garland.
76. Buy L a wagon.
77. Bake a cake from scratch.
78. Plant a tree.
79. Blog daily for one month.
80. Go one whole day without complaining,
81. Live by (and believe!) the quote "Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out."
82. Buy a new dining room table (a BIG one).
83. Pay off our debt.
84. Teach myself photoshop.
85. Hang a windchime.
86. Take a bubblebath.
87. Whiten my teeth.
88. Own a stand mixer.
89. Take L to the circus.
90. Go to the Mum Fest.
91. Find a playdate for Lia.
92. Take family photos.
93. Start a new family tradition.
94. Buy a great trench coat.
95. Organize L's closests and dresser.
96. Make caramel apples.
97. Go to a fair.
98. Go to a museum.
99. Jump in a pile of leaves with Lia.
100. Plant flowers.
101. Start college courses, again.

You can find my list and follow my progress on the 101 IN 1001 tab (below my header).


  1. Great list..I wish I could even think of 101 things I want to do/accomplish! Her Minnie Mouse costume is adorable by the way!

  2. Great list! I have a tab on my blog with my list as well. I haven't crossed off as many as I would like, but I'm working on it!


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