September 27, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday - When Lia Feeds Herself.

You get this...

We still feed L her Gerbers, but if we are eating something that she can have, then we let her have it. Last night, I made arroz con gandules and chicken for dinner so I gave L some rice and tiny pieces of chicken on her tray and let her feed herself. She's getting better at it but it's still a messy process!

She managed to get rice EVERYWHERE. There's also the random food stain on her forehead. Oh, and of course, the red drool that comes after eating red dog food. Because, yes, she decided to try it out yesterday and see how it tasted. I don't think she was thrilled after we had to sweep her mouth a couple times to fish it out. But by that time, she had swallowed it.

The adventures of a crawling baby...

Mamarazzi Monday
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  1. This is just ADORABLE! I love all the text you added to the picture!!

    And that Peanuts Tshirt is so cool!

    Ann Marie - Household6Diva

    PS. What program did you use?

  2. Haha, nice!
    What age was she when she started eating baby food more than once a day?


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