September 23, 2010

Hello Fall.

It's officially the 1st day of Fall. Although, I don't think Mother Nature got the memo on that here in New York. The weather has been up and down. One day is a gorgeous, chilly day that screams Fall. The next (like yesterday) is a warm 80 degrees.

What ever happened to the weather actually matching the season?

I've waited until mid-September but now it's officially time to break out the Fall decor. Last year, I couldn't wait. This year? I've been a little preoccupied. But, I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on motherhood and routines. It's time to welcome the holidays with open arms!

The best part of this year? L gets to experience all of it for the first time. She's already been apple picking and hung out with some pumpkins and LOVED it. I found her a Halloween costume. She's going to be an adorable fairy. I'm not really big on the store costumes. Every store seems to carry the same things done slightly differently. I like to be more original. But, I figured I wouldn't be the best DIY-er in the Halloween costume department. I would put it off and find myself last minute without a costume for my babe. So, while I was in the mall last week, I found this costume and thought it was the best I've seen so far. Some of the baby costumes are really cute but L won't really be a baby. She'll be a whopping 10 months old at Halloween time. So, a fairy it is!

Since we moved into a larger home a few months ago, what little holiday decor I had stashed away is looking like less and less. And, whatever Halloween decor that didn't get destroyed by rain or the landscapers last year is very little. Since we don't have the extra in our budget for me to go crazy in Target, stashing the cart with all the amazing decor they keep in stock, I am thinking up other ways to stay festive and in budget! At least, until those pretty red clearance stickers come out.

There's always DIY projects...

And, I read over here that dollar stores are stocking up in some things that are worth checking out!

Either way, I am beyond excited that Fall is here. There's nothing better than curling up in bed on a chilly day with some hot chocolate and watching my favorite movies (You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally).

Do you have any great DIY projects or decor tips?


  1. Love, love the pinecone garland idea! I love the look of your blog and your header!

  2. I almost bought that costume at Children's Place today for my 3.5 year old! But they only had a 2/3 which was too small and a 5/6 which was too big :( I did get a cute robot costume there for my 8 month old though!


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