September 13, 2010

A Fresh Week.

It's Monday. The start of a brand new week.  Another chance to get my routine sticking.

I've got my week off to a great start. I have actually crossed off all the items on my to-do list. Okay, there is one left. Make a grocery list. But I'm mostly done with it. I just have to plan some meals for next week and see what I need for them. Still, pretty impressive, I think.

Being that it's just L and me this week (M is away on business), I figured I should really try to stick to my planned out routine. I figured out that the only way I can clean the house and get things done is to make a schedule and split all the cleaning up between the week days.

Mondays - Bathrooms, laundry and collect all the trash.
Tuesdays - Bedrooms and vacuum upstairs.
Wednesdays - Living room, dining room, and sweep/mop downstairs.
Thursdays - Laundry.

I clean the kitchen every day and I try to give each room a quick pickup at the end of the day. So far, I've only done good with cleaning the kitchen every day and attempting to pick up some. But, I'm determined to get this routine going.

I got alot done today. It makes me feel inspired. It's hard to clean with an 8 month old who likes to crawl everywhere and get into everything. She gets clingy at the most inopportune times. BUT, I'm trying. I'm motivated to succeed.

Today, I cleaned all three bathrooms, straightened up our bedroom, washed, folded and put away three loads of laundry, picked up the living room and moved the sofas around, cleaned the kitchen and washed all of the dirty dishes, washed all of L's bottles, cleaned the fridge out and started my grocery list, took out all the trash and ran an errand.

Whew, I'm tired. Satisfied and happy, but tired.

I only wish I would have been as successful with L's nap. Putting her down for naps and at night has become so difficult. I don't know why she freaks out when I lay her down. Even if I rock her to sleep and then lay her down, as soon as her head touches the mattress she's up crying. I pray and pray to keep my patience and be given the strength to get her to bed. My guess is that she just doesn't want me to leave her. I am hoping it gets better but all I can do is remain calm and keep trying.

Otherwise, L is a great baby. She is even taking teething like a champ. One tooth has popped through. Crooked, though. Has anyone else had their babies first tooth come in crooked? Her other bottom tooth is working on popping through! It's so exciting to see her grow and change. Before long, she'll be turning one!

It's the start of a beautiful week. All my favorite TV shows are starting this week and next week (Hello, Gossip Girl + One Tree Hill + Grey's Anatomy) M will be back on Friday and my parents will be here on Thursday. L hasn't seen her grandparents since June so we are very excited! Now, I'm off to a friends house to catch up.

Happy Monday. Whatever is left of it!

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