August 13, 2010


Baby girl,
You will be turning 8 months soon and mama has been such a slacker with your 7 month letter. Life happened and mama turned lazy. But I'm back and working hard to get organized!

So, 7 months! My, how you've changed and grown. You aren't a baby anymore. You change right before my eyes every day. Just today, I left you in the floor playing with a box and you pulled yourself to a standing position with it! You're doing this in your crib too, so it's time to lower your mattress.

Sorry that it's sideways...I don't know how to rotate it!
You weigh between 18-21 lbs.  You now go to the doctor every 2 months for checkups, so I don't have exact stats.
You've got incredible strength for your size. You are incredibly smart too.
Babbling is very fun for you. You do it alot. And, you are working on saying 'dada'. You've said it once, but so far it's coming out more like 'da' or 'dadadadadada'. Still very cute!
Everything grabs your interest and everything ends up in your hands or mouth. Mommy thinks its time to do some serious child-proofing here. You can find a wire from across the room. Why you like those more than your colorful and bright toys, I don't know. You pull baskets out of the entertainment center and the coffee table. We are officially done with your swing. It's more of a hazard than a help these days. It's going into storage this weekend until you have a little brother or sister that needs it!
And, you've learned to try and pull yourself up on me. Especially when I put you in the kitchen floor while I clean up or do the dishes. Your just like a toddler holding on to someones leg.

Food wise - you are an eater! And your chubby self shows it. I love your chub. I dread the day it falls off once you learn how to walk and go EVERYWHERE. You eat 2 meals a day, a midday snack (usually yogurt) and all the fresh fruit you want along with your 5-6 bottles.  And, you almost always have a taste of our foods and treats. I made a chicken, potato & carrot stew the other day and daddy pureed the potatoes and carrots with some stew juice and he said you LOVED it! We recently gave you organic baby yogurt (not the Gerber kind, actual yogurt from the fridge section) and you are crazy about it. We haven't had any problems with it so it'll stay in your diet.

You've given up on naps. If you are pushed around in your stroller in the house, you'll take a catnap (15-30 minutes) but that's about it. You go to bed pretty good, every night around 8:30 - 9:00 PM. We don't have a "bedtime routine" really, you just get a bath every night and a bottle. You wake up between 6-7 AM every day. For the most part, you are a good sleeper at night - we just gotta work on those naps!

You are an amazing little girl. You love people, especially kids. You love new things and new places. Sometimes, I still can't believe I am a mother. Being your mama is the best thing I will ever do. You amaze me each day and I fall more and more in love with you as time passes. You are growing so fast and learning new things, it's throwing me for a loop lately. But, as long as I get to see you laugh and smile every day, I'd go through a gazillion hoops.

Mama loves you so very much, baby girl. I'm sorry for the super-late letter!


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