August 30, 2010


Mamarazzi Monday
It's Mamarazzi Monday again!

Check it out (her bruise), right there on her forehead!
Her jammies didn't have the grippy stuff on them and she slipped on the floor while crawling.

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything since last Monday's Mamarazzi post. I was sick and M was away for a day and I just didn't have anything substantial to post. August has been a crummy posting month but I'm hoping to be back around more often in September. Fall is the best and I always try to get out and find carnivals and festivals and apple orchards and all things Fall-ish to do!

And, you can look forward to a birthday post for me and L's 8 month letter this week! Can you believe I have an 8 month old as of yesterday? I can't!!

Happy Monday ya'll (even though it's mostly over) and go link up to Mamarazzi Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Those eyes are so darling. Poor baby, my little one is always bonking into things too (she's 10 months.) I find baby proofing is an ongoing and evolving challenge for moms of mobile babies!


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