July 30, 2010


Every Thursday evening, during the summer, our local park puts up a huge movie screen, people gather around the lawn, kids run around laughing and playing and they screen a movie under the stars. It's a mixture of new releases and old classics.

Last nights movie was The Wizard of Oz! I love this movie. People really get into the spirit of the classic movies. They come all decked out in Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow and Lion costumes. Since M and I moved here three years ago, this has been one of our favorite summer traditions. I remember our first year. We talked about how awesome this was and we couldn't wait to start a family and have this tradition. The second year, I was pregnant and we talked about baby names for our little one. And this year, we got to sit our baby girl on a blanket in the grass and watch her take it all in. We sat on the great lawn and relished in the joy and happiness we've found in our little family.

I wasn't feeling so great that day. Stomach-ache from what I think was bad caramel sauce but I didn't want to miss out on the fun. So we packed up our lawn chairs, the necessary bottles, blankets, toys, snacks and sunscreen for L, grabbed some water and popcorn from 7-Eleven (this momma didn't plan this movie in advance!) and grabbed a pizza and we were on our way.

We enjoyed the movie but what we really loved was just hanging out in the park with each other. I took a gazillion pictures and M joked with me about that.

L rolled around and played with her daddy and her ball.

Then, she decided she wanted some pizza.

Getting closer...

And, she's got it! How's that taste, baby?!

Nothing says summer more than bare feet and soft, squishy grass between our toes. Being able to see my baby, sitting up on her own and playing in the grass always sends a sense of reality back to me. It reminds me to cherish every moment that we have together. To remember how something so simple as an evening in the park can bring your whole mindset back to a fresh and inspired state.

Sometimes, it's a struggle for me to remember to just stop. Stop and see the world a way a child does. Stop with all the computer, phone and TV distractions and just enjoy the moments. But, after nights like last night and afternoons like today, I'm reminded how sweet it is to stop and enjoy. To take in and relish all the sweet smiles and slobbery kisses I get from my baby girl. And enjoy the warm sun beating down, the blue sky, and the green grass that M is working so hard on to get it growing.

It was a beautiful day with my beautiful family. And, at the end of the day, don't they all end up being beautiful days? Despite your to-do list that didn't get a single cross-off or the build-up of dishes in the sink 10 minutes after you just washed all the dishes, or the days of nap-less, cranky babies. Having another day to create these beautiful moments with my family makes every day perfect.

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  1. How fun! I love the Wizard of Oz. We have movies in the park too but only 1 or 2 were good for kids. Wizard of Oz would have been cool!


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