July 6, 2010

One week and 3 pounds.

It's been one week since I kicked off Project Me. I weighed in at 217 last Monday and yesterday I weighed in at 214. Lost 3 lbs! It may not be alot, but it's progress. I know I am on my way to my goal.

I have been counting my calories every day, minus this past holiday weekend. I use sparkpeople.com and it's working good for me. I am shocked by how many calories I was probably eating in one day compared to what my goal is now. But it really doesn't seem too hard for me to stay in my range of 1200-1500 and not have hunger pains all day.

And I've really noticed my mindset is changing. I'm not dieting as much as I am making a lifestyle change and I gotta find what works, but I really am thinking twice about everything and more than often going for what I should go for instead of what I think I want or eating because I am bored, angry, sad, etc.

On to other stuff...

We had a great 4th of July. We spent it with family & friends watching fireworks, BBQing, playing with L in her baby pool. M & I even fit in (and stayed awake for!) popcorn and a movie. It was a date night at home. And it was so nice to just relax with him and reconnect.

We finally got the house completely set up. I need to buy more frames and stuff to hang on all the extra walls we have now but all the boxes are unpacked and put away. The only thing I have left to finish are some painting projects.

And since I haven't talked about L lately, I will now!
She is getting BIG. I keep trying to make a deal with her about staying the size she is now but she isn't buying into it...darn. She hasn't rolled over anymore. I know she can do it, she just seems to not care about doing it. No crawling either, but she's starting to push up on her knees to move in whatever direction she wants. She is sitting up great all by herself - we just have to watch her because sometimes her head pulls her off balance. She's been trying some new table foods! She LOVES watermelon. Like, no joke. She will take the whole slice, shove half in her mouth and just suck. We started putting small chunks in her fresh food feeder and if we take it away to refill she screams. Loud. She loves strawberries, apples and bananas too. She seems to want anything and everything we put in our mouth. And her personality these days? She is happy. Always so happy. We get a few attitudes if she's over hungry or restrained when she wants to be loose but otherwise she's happy. She smiles at everything. And she's getting to the stage where she cuddles into my shoulder or on my chest when she's tired or we're just relaxing. I could hold her like that all day.

Since L is napping, I'm going to go finish The Bachelorette. I'm not the only one addicted to all the fake drama, am I?! And then, straighten up the house.

I will leave you with these ADORABLE photos of L's first time around farm animals. There was a petting zoo at the 1st birthday party of my friends son.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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