July 1, 2010

Free isn't always free.

A quick change of plans last night had me off to the movies to see Eclipse! It was really good, just not amazing. But sequels rarely are.

I was determined to not cave in to the movie theatre goodies. I was armed with a bottle of water and a pack of twizzlers. I was in a good mindset. I didn't mind not having popcorn. Then..the free coupon made it's appearance. Oh yes...Free. Who can resist free? Not this coupon lovin' gal. I had purchased the tickets online and when I picked them up at the kiosk it printed out free small popcorn coupons for last night ONLY with my tickets.

Determination - out the window! Popcorn - in my hand...
I didn't eat all of it, but leaving 1/4 of the bag left isn't exactly something to pat myself on the back about. It was a small bag and I didn't add any extra butter. But, no excuses. I should have resisted that freebie. To top it off, I ordered a small coke. I wanted some caffeine. I just didn't realize there smalls are BIG. And pricey. So my "free" coupon really cost me a bunch of un-needed calories.

But it's okay because I am back on track. I'm not kicking myself in the butt for last night because it won't do any good to feel guilty all day. I'm just admitting my mistake and starting fresh.

I enjoyed the gym last night except my shoes hurt my feet. It feels good getting out for a bit, working out, and coming home to dinner cooked by M. And this morning, I've made myself breakfast (even if it got pushed back until 10 am) and tracked my calories (under 400 for breakfast..good, right?!) and finished my meal plan/grocery list. Now, I just have to conquer the coupon stack I've got going on. I have a feeling eating healthy and planning every meal is going to make the shopping cost go up a bit.

Now I'm off to tackle coupons and play with L!
I'm in a much more positive mood today than yesterday!

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