June 23, 2010

Quick update.

Hello blog!

Excuse my disappearing act...moving (and I learned real quick that moving across town is MUCH harder than moving to a new state, go figure!) and visiting family has taken all my time + energy. But, we are back home and I've gotten most of this new house turned into our home so I can spare a few minutes. I have missed the 'ole blog.

Quick update...
North Carolina is blistering hot. Visiting my family was amazing.
L rolled over for the 1st time!
She had her first 4-wheeler ride too. And LOVED it!
Sex and the City 2 was slightly disappointing. But at least M + I had a date night!
Eclipse is out soon! Yes, I am twilight lover.
Our new house is oh so nice.
Oh, and I didn't take a single picture in NC. Boo to me.
I am thinking of doing a project: me. More on that later...

For now, my spare minutes are up! Dinner needs to be made, L is cranky and I'm thinking a nap might do the trick and there is loads and loads of laundry to be done.

Until my next post which will hopefully be longer and soon, here's some cuteness!

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