May 4, 2010


I have not blogged in like, 5 days. That is silly. And sad!

Life here is just cruising along and we're just taking the ride.

We had a great past weekend. Friday night we went to dinner then headed out to the batting cages. In case you are wondering, I suck. Saturday morning and early afternoon couldn't have been prettier. I got up and made some cheddar black pepper biscuits from scratch. They made a yum-o breakfast with a fried egg sandwiched between them. 

Then, it was just cleaning the kitchen and having a lazy morning. Followed by a great lunch at Panera Bread and a walk with M + L + Toby. M had his G. Lo (George Lopez) show Saturday night in the city. Thankfully, the crazy terror threat car bomb didn't affect him or his fun! I baked these ah-mazing chocolate brownie cookies while he was out. Seriously, go bake them. Right now. It's bliss in your mouth! Then it was a very late night (or very early morning!) of us hanging out at the house of some good friends. Sunday we ran one (okay, maybe two, but really, it's an improvement!) errand and just relaxed and hung out as a family and made some chicken pizza for dinner.

Now, we're officially into the week and so far, it's good. L is resisting naps. Not really unsual. But for the moment, she's content in her swing. Of course, Yo Gabba Gabba is on. If only she gives in and closes those pretty brown eyes for just a moment, I'm sure she'll fall fast asleep. Shh...I think she's taking my advice.

In L's feeding news, we nixed the rice cereal the past 2 days and have been giving her sweet potatos after her bottle in the evening. I believe she is a fan. She makes a couple faces at them, but she goes back for more so they can't be too terribly untasty. She's really getting the hang of opening her mouth for the spoon and swallowing more than she spits out. It seems early to start but poor baby is hungry.

In all other L news...she's doing great. Making mommy + daddy swoon and fall more and more in love with her. She's pretty good at making us laugh too. And,  just like mommy + her poppa, she's a fan of Train. Every night, I rock her to sleep singing "Hey, Soul Sister".

In news about me + M, something exciting is coming up! Well, a few things. The taylor swift concert is on the 14th and ohmygoshimsoexcited!!! What to wear? What to wear!  My parents are supposed to be visiting that same weekend! And, we're planning a trip to North Carolina early June. I. Can't. Wait. I'll see my sisters + brothers + nephews! Plus, my sister + her family get to meet L for the FIRST TIME! This is HUGE. GIGANDO huge. It's Ican'tsitstillimsoexcited HUGE. It's slurallmywordstogether HUGE. I'm excited. Can you tell?

There's also a tiny, little extra piece of good news for us that I'll be sharing soon. And, no. I'm not pregnant. Or moving back to North Carolina. Yeah, I know how some of ya'lls minds work.

Also, this Friday is military spouse appreciation day. It happens every year on the Friday before Mother's Day (thanks to Mr. Ronald Reagan). I'm been a super-lucky military spouse for 3 years now and I've grown to love the life that comes with it. Military spouses are beautiful, strong, amazing people. My beautiful sister is a military spouse. It's a joy to see how amazing she is. Being a military spouse entails strength and courage. Nothing is ever a sure-thing in the military. It means moving away from family + friends. And starting over in a new place every 3 years. The military isn't just a job or a career. It's a lifestyle. The military comes first and then family (although M always makes us feel like we're first.) Sometimes, you get lucky (like me + L) and get to see your other half alot. Sometimes, you don't. We make sacrifices but we do it because we love our spouses and we support them 100 percent. I'd go anywhere M went, not a second of thought needed. To my sister + close friends and all military spouses, thank you! I'm so proud to be one!

It's been a great day here and I'm ready to settle down with some chicken salad sandwiches, maybe a pickle spear + some sweet tea and watch The Biggest Loser tonight.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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  1. Those biscuits look delish! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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