May 20, 2010


It's been far too long, my dear blog. I'm not really sure where the time has gone, but it went. It went really fast. Like it was running away from me.

Oh well, maybe I can bring my head out of the clouds and back to earth and remember I do write a blog.

So, the latest in the V household has been very..uh, smelly?! L has taken pretty well to solids. Her attention span doesn't allot much time for solids. Sometimes she's in a hurry and she grabs my hand holding the spoon and shoves it into her mouth. The busy lives of 4 month olds...they should really stop and smell the flowers sometime. Or in her case, stop and eat her peas. But she hates peas, so really it's stop and eat her apple + banana mush. On a side note, is it sad that I had to sing the banana part of Hollaback Girl to remember how to spell banana. Thanks Gwen, your spelling lessons rock! But back to the smelly part, her diapers are blowouts. The nasty, stinky, poop-everywhere kind. From a little pack of mush?! It's crazy. At least we know her digestive system is good. Sadly, the onesie + changing pad cover weren't so thrilled about that last night - they took quite the beating from the poopie diaper. They are in critically-stained condition, at the moment.

BUT, I'll digress from that gets a little icky.

We checked out our new home today. I am thrilled! I've always dreamed of a walk-in closest and now I get one. I even get a walk-in pantry. And a room for L twice the size of her current room. They even threw in an extra room. And, the new-er stove. For those who live in military housing, you know we don't get those lovely name-brand appliances. In this particular housing, there are 2 stove types. The old crap one that burns everything. Or the newer ones. They aren't amazing, but they don't burn. I had nightmares that we'd get stuck with the crap stove. I'm a baker, sort of. I don't want a crap, burning stove. But, I did want 3 bedrooms and a pantry and a walk-in and a lot more sq footage. Lucky for me, I get it all. And, I am pretty sure I can even squeeze a nice, new grill + our patio set in the backyard. I think it's my good karma...

Wanna know what else my good karma got me?

This one is good. Really, all you non-karma believin' people, you really should start. M + I went to the Taylor Swift concert this past weekend. Ohmygosh. She's amazing. I screamed all night. I stood on chairs. I took lots of pictures. I had an AMAZING time. Taylor is so darn cute. You really can't help but love us southern girls. Really, we are some awesome creatures. Oh yeah, the karma. Tickets for the show were pricey, if you wanted that nice floor section. We couldn't afford those, but even if we could they were sold out. We had the last row. I mean, literally, the highest, last row in the arena. It was a little crappy. But hey, I was at a Taylor Swift concert. Kellie Pickler was there too. And Gloriana. This girl wasn't complaining. I didn't have to anyways, because I have good karma remember?. We scored, for free, upgraded tickets. On. The. Floor. I was so close to Taylor. Especially when she came into the audience. M got to touch her. Don't take that the weird way it sounds. I'm just saying, we were close.


See how much fun we're having?!

L had a big weekend too. It was her first trip to the zoo and her first carousel ride. Grandma + poppa were visiting, as well. I think she liked the zoo better than the carousel. Then again, the carousel came after a 5 minute nap that should have been much longer so we'll have to try again to really know the truth. She did amazing with the long, sunny day and the smelly animals, though. M + I bought a season pass so we'll be hitting up the zoo's and aquariums of the city this year quite a bit.

Now, I'm off to pick up the house and prep dinner. I'm making PW's macaroni + cheese. Ree, you've had my mouth watering ALL week over this stuff.

Who's going to be watching Flash Forward and Grey's Anatomy tonight? I'm beyond impatient about  finding out who's getting the ax on tonight's Greys finale. Although, I still can't figure out why every network exec decided to let everyone get shot in all the finales...

Anyways, happy Thursday. It's almost the weekend!

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  1. So jealous you got to see Taylor Swift in concert AND have mac and cheese. Dang. Maybe you can rub off on me.


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