April 3, 2010

yardsale diva

Does anyone else watch Clean House? M hates that show but i'm addicted! I just love the way they take a cluttered, disgusting house and make a beauty out of it.

Our yardsale kicked some serious butt. We were so busy almost all day. Everything was crazy cheap, but it wasn't about the money as much as getting rid of the stuff. We sold most of what we had (and there were 3 carloads of stuff). We had about half a carload leftover and we took it to Goodwill. I feel like a huge weight is gone. I really despise clutter even when everyone picks on me for buying what I don't use in the beginning.

We had a little issue with some ladies who wanted to practically take everything for nothing and try to confuse me but no such thing! I stood my ground and lost my patience a bit but it's all good.

M and I are exhausted after all that and then running errands. It was the perfect day for a yardsale (I even got a small sunburn!) and L was so good. She slept almost the whole time. We couldn't have asked for anything better than what we got.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend!

P.S. I know I promised a picture of "the masses" but I forgot. No kidding, the minute I started setting up 1 of my gajillion boxes + hampers of stuff, a man came buy and bought almost all the mens clothing I had (of course, I had to dig around for all of them!). Just imagine my chevy equinox overfull x3!

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