April 22, 2010

Where to start?

Oh, where to start?
I've been lacking a bit on my blog. Life is just whizzing by and I haven't stopped to smell the blogs. And I know grandma + poppa are missing their daily photos...

We've just had parties galore, grocery trips to make, errands to run, never-ending laundry, stroller mishaps, a dirty house, a crazy cat who lives in her litter box + a tired mama!

And, I've no idea why I am SO exhausted these past couple days. Lia has (knock on wood b/c I'll be LIVID if I jinx it) mastered the art of sleeping through the night! She goes to bed around 10ish PM and doesn't wake up until 6-7ish AM. She get's a bottle and goes back to sleep in her swing for another couple hours! I guess I've just been doing alot lately. I should master the art of napping...

In other Lia news, she'll be 4 months old in 1 WEEK! Can you believe it?! She's starting to become this adorable little person. She greets us with a grin everytime she wakes up from a nap. She's finding her voice and she screams + coos, it's so much fun to hear! And, she LOVES the other baby in the mirror. When she sees her, her eyes twinkle and she breaks out a grin from ear to ear. Then she'll lean in towards the mirror to get the baby and bonk her head!

Now for you're viewing pleasure...

Lia is very loved around here!

We look good with 3 kids, huh?

In the city for the auto show.

Playing with the baby in the mirror!

It's bright outside!

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  1. Cute pics. I hear ya on the blog thing- so hard to keep up! Life should come first though.


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