April 14, 2010


Weekends are what I live for. I immerse myself into my family during the weekends. M + L are the proud owners of my attention those two wonderful days. Blogs, facebook, family phone calls. All of those are stored neatly in the back of my mind. It's kind of the way I like it.

This weekend was FULL! It started out rough on Friday night but that wasn't a hint to the rest of the weekend. Saturday, we went to a birthday party for our friends' son. We ended up at their house after the party hanging out until about 1 am! Friends, laughter, some drinks, girl talk + silly husbands. It was a good night! M + I spent Sunday in the city at the auto show. Orignally we had plans to leave L with a friend BUT I couldn't. All day is too long for me to be away from her. She did AWESOME. She did better out all day then she does when we're home all day. Everything catches her eye. I love watching her take in the sights + sounds of the world. Seeing everything for the first time. It's amazing. She even got in a couple naps. Monday was a special treat. M had the day off so we did a little Target shopping (I only bought kitty litter, a broom + a door mat...shocked?!) had some yum-o lunch at Famous Dave's then headed off to the park for a walk and a game of putt-putt. It's free for military. FREE! It makes how bad I suck a little better.

And guess what L learned this weekend?! How to....play with her feet! She figured out where they were and now she's always grabbing them. It's too cute. I know, if you aren't a parent you won't get why I freak out about this but it's my baby girl. My little 3 month old baby girl who is learning everything for the first time. Everything is a BIG deal! She's finding her voice too. It's loud. She has this high-pitched squeak she likes to make. Not because she's mad or laughing, just because, well I don't know. Because she's a learning baby, I suppose!

Oh, will you vote for my kiddo? It's the Parents magazine cover contest and well, mirror mirror on the wall who's the cutest of them all? L, you say? There you go, right from an experts mouth err, glass. Click here to vote, please! Feel free to do it more than once, if you think she deserves it! Because you know that I think that...

BTW, my weekend recap is coming midweek because of a long weekend then a busy start of the week. I started writing the post yesterday but never got back around to it until now!


  1. I came across your blog from the UBP10 and I voted for your little sweetie - she is precious!!

  2. Aw. I really REALLY miss having a little baby like that around. She's a cutie pie. Enjoy her this little. :)

    I heard Moose A Moose in the background. haha :)


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