April 2, 2010

one gals trash is another gals treasure

Just a quick post, today.

I am drowning in yardsale-ness. There are piles of trash soon-to-be-someone's-treasure stacked in every room of the house + the shed outside. I have gone de-cluttering crazy! Manny told me last night I was overdoing myself. At first, I disagreed. But now, maybe he's got a point. I've been going through every crevice of our house putting each and every item on the chopping block. It's got to meet the criteria to stay in our house. I've probably gone a bit off the deep end. It's just that we've outgrown our house and I realized we don't have room for the things we use + need because of the things we don't use or need. I could relax a little bit though. I think this is going to be one massive yard sale. I hope it goes well. If not, it's all ending up in Goodwill. I've vowed to not bring any of it back in the house. I'll keep that vow as well as i'm keeping my wedding vows. That's pretty good. I just can't believe we've I've stuffed so much stuff in our house. Stuff we obviously don't need or even care about. It's insane. I'll post some photos later of the masses.

Sorry for the missing daily photo yesterday! It was shot day which equaled small fever + some crankiness + wanting to sleep a few hours in mommy's lap. On top of me trying to run some errands and declutter the shed and our bedroom. I have tons to do today but maybe I can catch a good photo!

(Stay tuned for a little something on friday)

Hope everyone had a pranky April Fools Day (noone fooled me, not even Topeka!) and have a very hoppy (ha ha, see what I did there?!) Easter weekend!

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