April 1, 2010

motherhood musings

Motherhood Musings + (other things i've learned)

Removable/washable sofa covers (anything, really!) are uh-mazing. With a baby who has bad reflux, milk can fly out of her mouth at any time. It has impecable skills of landing on my sofas all the time. Luckily, i've got some great ones from Ikea. Totally washable + fits back on perfectly.

Sometimes a swing + Nick Jr is what you'll have to resort to if naps aren't taken and it looks like a tornado stormed through the house. I know tv isn't great, but isn't a nasty house a little more hazardous?

The laundry is still never ending...

If someone offers to hold her at a party so you can eat or mingle or do whatever, take them up on it! A fresh face or faces (in the case of the easter party last weekend) can be helpful. Mommy and daddy can get old + boring!

Baby puke, pee + poop is now a big part of everyday life. A big diaper blowout thats all over? I just clean it up like it's nothing out of the ordinary. It's funny how I don't look at poop and puke as something gross, it's just something I have to clean up. It will inevitably get on every surface at some point in time, so you just clean it up and go about your day. Dog poop + puke? Not so much!

Boppy pillows are the anwser to all my tummy time issues! She loves being propped up on her boppy. She'll even let me get in some regular flat on her tummy time afterwards.

Babies accumulate alot of stuff! Don't feel bad about giving stuff away. I'm working through that and deciding what were L's favorite items (my favorite, at this age) and what I want to save for the next child then donate or yardsale the rest. I can't keep everything - I'd go nuts with the clutter!

I can't watch any baby story without crying. That means every Wednesday when I watch DVRed 16 & Pregnant, i'm guaranteed to be crying!

Shot day causes anxiety. I know its good for her but it breaks my heart when she's in pain.

They grow out of their clothes overnight.

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  1. Those are all so true. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff just because of space issues. Now that we are having another I have to decide what I really need this time around.


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