April 16, 2010

a little something on friday

It's Friday!

This week flew by. It was easy and not-so-easy all at the same time. L didn't do great with naps this week unless we were out in the car. But, she is taking one now (knock on wood) so it's making it easier for me to get things done (like baking brownies + cupcakes....and laundry + dishes, too). M + I also had some good time with some great friends this week. It's the start of some beautiful times.

I've realized this week that family + good friends are an amazing part of life. Without them, life wouldn't be as beautiful. It may be hard to find the time to develop those relationships, but it's so worth it. So do it. Take the extra minute to give your hubby a proper hello. Spend a few extra seconds hugging your kiddos. Kiss their chubby cheeks an extra time or two. Take the time out of your day + life (no matter how hectic it gets) to relish in those people and those moments.

I'm baking brownies for a charity stand this weekend.
Proceeds go to childrens cancer.

That's me + L. She's my little something everyday.

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  1. Yummy looking brownies....what a great thing your doing...donating the proceeds!

    Your little sweetness is also so yummy looking as a newborn!

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