April 23, 2010

grandma + poppa's daily photo

Little girl was happy.
Then she got sick ):

I took this yesterday and L was happy + content. I noticed she woke up during every nap coughing, like something was in her throat. I just didn't think too much of it. Last night, we went to the Bronx for a birthday party and Lia was acting funny. Just different than her usual ways. I rocked her and kissed her and just did what I could since I had no idea what was wrong. I took her temperature once we got home and it was 100.2. We gave her tylenol and put her to bed after she fell asleep in my arms. She seems to be more alert and happy this morning so i'm hoping it was just something last night. I still have no idea what was wrong. But that feeling of knowing something is off with your child but having no idea what to do is horrible. This parenting thing is the best, but most scary thing i've EVER done!

On a side note, I have to tell you about my stroller mishap. L was in the stroller at the time (!) and it ruined a Target shopping trip. So, I was MAD! My stroller (pictures are posted back in the archives somewhere) was almost $300. I got it on sale + with coupons (because I never buy stuff without coupons) so I didn't pay that much, but still. You would think it wouldn't give me problems 3 months into using it, right? Let me set the scenario....

I'm in Target, cruising along. Making a wishlist in my head of all the lovely items I want to buy. Checking out the clearance on some of the Liberty Of London line. And I make my way over to housewares and start browsing the plates + cups. Next thing I know, my stroller is crooked so I look down. The. Wheel. Fell. Off. What the crap?! My very pretty stroller I was once in love with is failing me...it's breaking my heart! L, luckily, was strapped in her carseat so I popped it out of the stroller and set her down along with all the stuff I had. The wheel went back on but I knew it wasn't for long. So here I am, putting L's carseat back in the stroller and putting all the stuff inside it. I carried L and pushed the stroller to the registers to pay. The second I try to push the stroller after I payed, the wheel falls off again. This time, it wouldn't go back on. I looked like a wreck trying to carry everything. I finally put L back in her carseat + put her carseat and all the bags in a cart. Then, very slowly pushed the cart and the stroller all the way to the BACK of the parking lot because hey, I was trying to fit some excercise in my day. Of course, it had to be the day my stroller breaks...isn't that always the way the cookie crumbles?
I called the company today and they said they'd send out a bag of parts (washers, bolts, etc.) but still, i'm mad.

I want a new stroller now...
But, I won't get one.
Unless, my stroller breaks again. Then, it's really over between us.

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