April 5, 2010

easter weekend

We had a great Easter weekend! I hope ya'll did too.

Breakfast with M's family, then hanging out at their house while the kids dyed eggs and opened their baskets. Between me, aunt Aris, abuela + grandma - L got 4 baskets! Of course, mommy + daddy ate the candy.

Everyone was all smiles!

A was thrilled that L had bunny ears too. She insisted they model them together for a picture!

Then, we headed off to the park for an easter egg hunt + lunch. It was a beautiful day for the park! We enjoyed some ice cream and a few walks. The kids loved the easter egg hunt! L even found an egg. Okay, mommy + daddy found an egg and gave it to her.

thanks to Jasmine for the picture!

L loved being outside in a onesie only. She's bringing back the "one-eyed bandit" from my childhood.

She had her first go at a big-kid swing. She LOVED it!

After an exhausting, fun-packed day we headed home. L opened her baskets from us + grandma. Our first attempt at pictures didn't work out.

So, we decided to feed her and take our chances with her throwing up on her baskets. Our second attempt was so much better!

How much cuteness is stuffed into these photos?!

It was a great day. Don't let the great pictures fool you, we aren't perfect and neither was the day. But in the end, it's being with people you love that matter. I don't think we could have had a better 1st Easter for L!

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