April 8, 2010


It was a very happy 25th birthday to M yesterday! The last couple weeks leading up to his birthday he's been saying how "old" he's getting. I keep telling him 25 isn't old. Let's freak out when we get to 30, ya know? Not that 30 is old but it's still a ways away! I wanted to cheer him up and make him realize he isn't old. I decided to throw an actual party. He knew I had invited his family over and I was ordering pizza and making bread. Usually they just come over and hang out and we eat and chat. I ended up buying kid-like decorations and balloons and those sqauker things that make lots of noise when you blow into them. I thought maybe it would make him feel a little younger. I think it worked! He told me at the end of the night "this was a lot more than I expected, I expected my family and just dinner but this was way more". He spoils me to death, I like returning the favor and showing him what he means to me and Lia. I made him strawberry cupcakes and brownie per his request. We ordered a few yum-o ny style pizza's and I made some cheese bread. It was a good night, a very good night. Lia got her daddy some nice plaid shorts + a tee. His family got him some new shoes. Which so oddly happened to match his new shorts perfectly. I got him the hid headlights for his car he's been wanting since I met him. Four years ago. Seriously, for four years he has pointed to every car with those lights we see and says "see those lights? those are the lights I want". It's kind of funny now - we both do it, still. But four years? Past time for him to get "those lights". Issues with figuring out where to order them + paypal + the website tricking me into not knowing if I ordered them or not meant Manny ordered them for himself last night after he figured out if I had or had not ordered them. I really should learn paypal...

Anyways, great food, great times, great presents, great brownies (i'm not tooting my own horn, I know they are great when our brother-in-law walks in, goes into the kitchen, and starts eating the crumbs out of the pan!) and great 'birthday boy with his wifey + daughter' family time. This weekend M + I will be heading to the NYC car show he's been wanting to go to since he's been old enough to go to car shows. I'm getting a friend to watch L for us. The car show will be too much for her to handle (it's an all-day thing) and it's not often M + I get some alone time.

Happy Thursday!

Oh, to all the other bloggers out there, tomorrow kicks off the Ultimate Blog Party 2010.
Ultimate Blog Party 2010
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Now for some birthday pictures!

what's a party without hats + noisemakers?


those brownies.

make a wish + blow out your candles baby!

happy birthday to YOU!

our very happy little family

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