March 12, 2010

yummy caramel + a cute kid

Stumbling through all the great recipes over at The Pioneer Woman's blog I found freaking amazing homemade caramel sauce. Yes, those are the exact words Manny + I uttered when we first tryed it. Freaking. Amazing.

It is alongside a yummy looking ice cream pie in the recipe but tonight called for something easy. Like brownies. But I wanted something extra. For once, not chocolate. I know, crazy. Since Manny loves caramel and can never find it on McD's sundaes anymore (what's up with that?) I decide to make some. Great decision on my part (:

Now for the cute kiddo pictures. She wasn't really into the whole camera idea so this is all I got.

Her onesie says "Rub my belly for luck". So, I did. Then she projectile vomited all over me + her + the sofa + the floor. How's that for luck?

First family photo. We didn't get around to taking it until now. Shame on us.

Now i'm off to some friday night fun-ness of laundry.

1 comment:

  1. Don't feel bad about not taking a family photo. I didn't even get one of the 3 of us in the hospital. Nothing until Christmas, which was 2.5 weeks later. :)


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