March 25, 2010

what i've learned from motherhood

Being a first time mom is a big deal. A really big deal. My life has been turned around, flipped upside down and occasionally thrown to the sharks. Each day is something different + new. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Sometimes so wrong you need to laugh to keep from crying. The funny thing is that at the end of the day, no matter what kind of day it was or how frustrated or tired or smelly I may be from a lack of showers, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love being a mother. No, I don't love it. I lurve it! I lurve it so much I use the word lurve (not that it's a real word, you know). Being a mother is amazing. It makes me a better person. It shows me new things. Sometimes, you just need to look back and laugh at those things. I'm going to write a post, about once a week, on the new things I've learned since I joined the club of other super-mama cape wearing women. I tell Manny i'm superwoman quite often now that I'm become a mom!

Motherhood musings*
  • Take advantage of naptimes (i'm still learning that one)
  • Baby pee can reek. Warning, if she's taken a 5 hour long nap after a feeding there may be a diaper blowout. It will smell rechid. I suggest using gloves to take off those pee-soaked clothing and wash right away. Leaving them in the hamper because you are busy bathing + feeding the baby will cause the odor to spread. Air fresheners will be your best friend.
  • Baby talk about poopy diapers makes her smile.
  • Never thought I'd baby talk about poopy diapers!
  • Baby puke is inevitable. Yoga pants + tees? Thats okay. Nice going-out outfit? Doesn't make mama so happy. Change your clothes after everything + everyone else is ready and you plan to be walking out of the house in the next 5 minutes. This will give you the best chance of walking out non-pukish. Usually
  • Laundry will never be done. She may only be 12lbs (give or take) but she's got an amazing talent of projectile vomiting. Her timing isn't bad either. It's always on a fresh outfit.
  • People like to give unsolicited advice. Sometimes, they aren't even parents. Really, so if I just rub her back bottom to top she'll burp? Just like that! After i've been patting her back for 5 minutes straight. Who knew it was that easy? And my daughter has a blanket over her face? Hmm, I totally forgot I loosely tucked a blanket over my daughter while carrying her into the building because it's windy and cold outside. I'm such a doof.
  • Blog posts will be interuppted. They make a nifty little "save now" button. Use it!
  • You'll probably (at least once) have to pee while holding your kiddo. I read this funny blog recently and thought "poor girl, but that is funny". Then it happened to me this week. Only in my house because her swing was in the wash (from the pee blowout) and she was only quiet in the sling. I really wouldn't have been able to hold it long enough to unstrap her completely then run her upstairs to her crib. Expect the unexpected.
* These musings were much better written in my head at 3 am last night. I layed in bed deciding if I should get back up after just putting the baby to bed so I could jot down this post I had bubbling away in my brain or should I choose sleep. If you guessed sleep, well you're right. I'm happy that I am well-rested, but I am a little bummed I can't remember my post. The trials of a blogger.

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