March 8, 2010


The weather was incredibly beautiful this weekend! 50's, sunny, blue skies - it's so nice to know spring is still going to come around (: Winter was just too harsh this year. We kind of wasted the great weather on Saturday cleaning up and doing some errands but we made up for it on Sunday. We got Lia and Toby dressed warmly and headed out to Central Park! It. Was. Gorgeous. We had such a fun time. Toby loved being outside and walking his little heart out. Manny ended up carrying him in the end and he may have loved that even more! Lia slept most of the time, of course (:  I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the time she was awake though. This is the first time she's been out out, other than to and from the car for errands and such. After a few hotdogs, a couple pictures, and a sleepy baby later we had an such a great and successful family day out! I can't wait for spring to really hit us so we can have more park time! Manny and I just get wrapped up in doing other things when we're home and on weekends that we don't do alot of quality family time like yesterday. We're going to try for more because really, we had a great time!

Toby enjoying Central Park - he had one leg on M & one leg on me. Ca-uttte!

Now, it's back to the everyday days. It's supposed to be nice today so maybe I'll get Lia outside for a walk. The fresh air will do both of us some good. And, if i'm feeling especially confident, I might attempt to walk Toby too. We realized at the park that Toby being so small and liking to walk infront of the stroller could cause a few caustrophies!

Well, i've got things to do. I'm trying to keep ontop of the boring household things to do instead of spending my down time catching up with lovely family and bloggers! Plus, my new phone is coming today and you know i'm going to want to play with it!

Happy Monday!

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