March 9, 2010

{technical difficulties and surpises}

**Big thanks to Mrs. Muffins for helping me with the video (:

I stayed true to my word - this blog does indeed contain the suprise. It was supposed to make its way yesterday but me not knowing how to pull videos from the handycam caused some delays. And me having to open a youtube account because I really thought I could post videos through blogger in a blog caused some delays. And youtube being slow caused some delays.

But fret no longer, here it is!

Please ignore how annoying my voice sounds and the fact that the house sounds like a pet shop. Enjoy (:

P.S. I really wanted the video to show up here instead of a link to youtube. Anyone care to share how to do that?

1 comment:

  1. Hey, when you're on YouTube, grab the embed code, then while your editing your blog post make sure you have the Edit HTML tab clicked and paste it there (not the Compose tab) You can click back over to compose to finish your post, then Publish and you should be good! let me know if you need any more help or if that doesn't work!


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