March 15, 2010


Hope you all had a good weekend. The rain + storm put a slight damper on things but overall it was good. A family dinner with some tasty food and good times (my chicken fingers made me the best aunt ever!) + a little shopping at Ikea + lunch out with my two loves.

Over the past, say week or so, i've had a few posts brewing around. Well, not so much posts as things I wanted to mention. So i'll throw it all in here. Sort of a pot luck of blogs, if you will.

Flowers for Layla.
Let me tell you. When I said I didn't have a green thumb, even I didn't fully know how un-green my thumb is. Other than the trenches of rain putting a slight damper on the whole planting flowers idea, Home Depot is also very unstocked in pretty plants. The idea of planting seeds sent a panic through my mind. Which seeds are appropriate for pots in the house? What amount of sunlight do I need? How do I take care of them without killing them? There are no directions on those innocent little packets of seeds explaining what do to do when you don't have a slightest idea about what your messing with and you just want to plant something inside. I nixed that idea. Whew. So I thought, okay. No big deal. I'll buy a plant that is already grown and just repot it. Repotting counts as planting right? At least, its the thought that counts, I say. If the flower is already alive, it's got a jump on things. Fast forward through no plants (indoors or outdoors) to be had, I find myself in Stop + Shop for groceries and find my way to the floral section. Tulips! Pretty, check. Already growing, check. Easy care instructions, check. Fast foward a day later through a trip to ikea for a pot and then sending Manny back to Home Depot that night after I realized I needed potting soil (okay, I didn't realize it, Manny told me I needed it) and you get this!

I think i'll add "how to plant flowers without looking like i'm stupid" on my bucket list.

Now, on to a recipe. I only have a picture of the final product. One day, I will have a new "real" camera. Yeah, anything I own not up to par isn't "real". Said "real" camera will inspire me to take the extra time and photograph the whole process. I will warn you now, that gets messy.

Funnelcakes. Oh my 'lanta. Yum-O. In case you want to try this recipe, I didn't bother to find a funnel because a trip to the Autozone wasn't going to prolong me from having my fried, greasy, but oh so good dessert. I (and by I, full credit goes to Manny) used a measuring cup with a spout. It worked good enough.

Organized kitchen counters + junk drawers. Let me explain, I dream of clean + organized spaces. In my house, everything has a home. Manny jokes me about it but seriously everything needs it's own home to live in. I get that from my mom. Organization still doesn't come easy to me. I'm no Martha Stewart like my sister or cleaning lover like my mom. If things would clean + organize themselves I'd be one happy gal. Since I live on planet earth not planet kristy, it doesn't seem to happen. I do the best I can doing it myself. Kitchen counters and "junk" drawers are the bane of my kitchen. Everyone has a junk drawer. Why is it even called a junk drawer? If it were junk, everyone in America + who knows where else wouldn't find it neccessary to have one. Or a few more than one. I have two. I'd have more if I had the drawers for it. To the point, I got tired of looking at the crap and organized it. It's not a work of art but it looks a little nicer.

All the papers won't be staying there, that's just the holder for stuff to get filed away. Okay, I hope they won't be staying there. For too long.



Sorry for the rather long + rambl-y post. Many thanks if you actually read it. Unless you're my hubby - I know you find everything I say worth listening to (your falling out of your chair laughing right now, aren't you?).

Hope everyone has a very happy un-Monday like Monday.

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