March 24, 2010


You know, the ranting + raving kind. This one won't really be too ranty/ravy but you'll get the point.

Did you ever have one of those weeks? The kind where you just fill overwhelmed + frustrated + though you know you are lucky for everything you have you are still mad as heck? I'm having one. And it's only Wednesday.

Lia is having her meltdown issues. I guess thats where the bad week started. How can something so cute be so loud? Being a first-time mom, I'm sure I am overexagerating her meltdowns for normal crankiness but I really do feel her crankiness has been cranked up a notch lately.
Then the dog + cat. Oh my, they are on my. last. nerve. I was watching "Marley and Me" yesterday and I totally connected with Jennifer Aniston's character when she said get rid of the dog. Toby has already woken Lia up from her nap today. He refuses to do his business in the backyard anymore (except he'll gladly poop on the back porch in just the spot where we're probablly going to step in it) and makes me put him on a leash and take him out in the front yard. If I didn't put him on a leash, he'd go chasing something and once again I'd be running through the complex chasing him chasing a cat. Or a bird. Or a person. Or sometimes, a leaf. Yeah, a leaf. He's a weird one. Are all dachshunds this way? He barks at every little thing. Before Lia, I dealt with it. Now, she needs her sleep as much as I need her to get her sleep and Mr. Tobes is not working with us on that. And the cat. She's already been on my last nerve so long she could just look at me and annoy me. Don't get me wrong, i'm not mean to my pets. Or am I some kind of cat hater. I really don't want hate mail from you animal over-lovers. I tryed putting the cat up for adoption on craigs*lists (with my own good reasons which I explained) and I got hatemail. You know craigs*list has some crazies filling up those pages. One person actually told me I'm so horrible I should give my kid up for adoption and keep the pet? Seriously? It's a cat.
Then, there's the late work hours Manny is doing. Okay, not late. I'm spoiled because I am used to him coming home earlier, but can't a girl want her hubby home early? He's stressed when he gets home and I'm stressed when he gets home. Then there's not a lot of quality time spent together - we get annoyed quickly. Then there's the clutter. We're outgrowing this house. I'm waiting patiently inpatiently for a warm weekend to have a yardsale and get rid of crap driving me nuts. I don't like clutter. It's taking up much needed space. It erks me.

Okay, so my week doesn't seem too bad but it's my blog so I get to say it is.
On a happier note, it's the first sunny day this week and so far my day hasn't been too bad. Other than Toby waking up Lia but what are you gonna do? Oh, and we almost lost the screen door this morning (the wind is terrible today) but all is well that ends well. I'm off to finish the laundry + dishes + other fun domestic stuff.

Wishes for a happy wednesday!

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