March 1, 2010

{my, oh my}

I forgot about my 365 project. It completely slipped my mind. M got home late Friday night and Saturday turned into a little shopping then picking up his sister in Queens so she could babysit for a, wait for it .... DATE NIGHT! Woot! We finally had our date night (: We did dinner and "Valentines Day", which was so cute. And Sunday turned into hanging out at home in the morning, taking his sister back home and then I finally took the plunge and got my haircut. I. Love. It. Really, it's just what I wanted. And needed.

So, you can see how my mind slipped over project 365 and was totally on a family weekend! I can't make up for the missed day but i have yesterday's picture so here you go. I'll try harder from now on (:

Day 8

Happy March! Here's to an early spring (:

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