March 3, 2010


I don't have enough. Wouldn't it be nice if we could buy memory? For our noodles (brains!). I would be all over that. I need it, desperately. Just today, I forgot stamps. Manny's uniforms that have been sitting in the drycleaners since way back in last week. Coupons. And a little bit of my sanity. I know they make a gagillion tools to help you remember things. Calendars. To-Do lists. Smartphones. Grocery lists. Here's my problem - i forget those too!

Know what else I forgot? My photo project! Someone. Anyone. Please grab me and shake me and scream "whats wrong with you?!" Seriously. A simple photo-a-day goal and I miss it. Several days. I remember for part of the day and I say "oh, let me do this and then i'll snap a picture". And then I do whatever "that" was and I do a few more "this & thats" and then I forget about the picture. It's turning into a vicious cycle. On the bright side, I have a picture for today (:


On a 'happy but sad for mommy' note, Lia is officially 2 months old! I can't believe she is so big already, she doesn't seem to stop growing. Not even for a second. It's flying by, too fast for mommy, little girl. I know daddy is ready for you to be in the learning to talk/walk stage but mommy isn't ready yet. I'm not ready for the day to come where you tell me i'm embarrasing instead of giving me those gummy grins of yours. Even at my worst rendition of Macy Gray or The Beach Boys.

Little girl had her 2 month checkup on Monday. She's now an even more whopping than last time 10 lbs 15 oz. Almost 2 lbs in one month. Your head grew quite a bit too - it's now 39.4 cm! But, you're still a munchkin. You are now 20 3/4 inch. Funny thing - Lia is in the 50th% for weight, totally average. But, her head size is in the 60th% while her height is only in the 10th%. Manny and I find that quite amusing. I think her head is full o' brains! And she got 3 shots - she was a champ! She ended up getting cranky with a fever later that night. No big deal for the average parents, but for the first time ones? Still not a huge deal haha. I just feel proud that we are doing so great at this parent thing. Great in our opinion, anyways. And "firsts" no matter what they are MUST be recorded! Which means, that I must tell you I also took her temperature in her toosh for the first time. That was a bit scary. I thought she would hate it. She didn't seem bothered at all. Weird.

I'm starting a new monthly thing for the blog. Letters to Lia. I'm going to write my beautiful daughter each month and blog it here. I'm on the hunt for monthly photo ideas so I can post those as well. Stay tuned for this months letter!

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