March 12, 2010

a little something on friday

A little something on Friday is going to be a weekly post showing a little something every Friday. Ingenious, huh? Anything I come across that really is just a little something that makes you smile + pulls at your heartstrings + inpsires you. Wouldn't a bit of all that be a fun start to the weekend? Especially when it is cold and drab outside. I'm not feeling the cold. I hate coats + putting on socks + shoes that cover my feet.

Back to the somethin' somethin'.

Images from That is all.

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies. I plan on making the most of it. A little un-fun but needs to be done stuff and family dinner a la Kristy. Don't forget, plant your flowers for Layla. You can read about it here.

1 comment:

  1. oh my- i just DIED from the cuteness which is your weiner!!!!!


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